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YOU CHOOSE! Tell us what you want
« on: September 01, 2012, 10:16:19 AM »
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Do whats right come what may. It is time to act, are you? Mobilize, vote & Prepare while you still can. Tomorrow might be to late. God Speed my friends.
"In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish mans devours all he has." Proverbs 21:20

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Re: YOU CHOOSE! Lets make a prepper symbol!
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2012, 05:36:22 PM »
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Well how about come up with a generic symbol for preppers.
 You guys can maybe post picture / attachment ideas here
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Re: YOU CHOOSE! Tell us what you want
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2012, 05:02:51 AM »
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There are really 3 ceoegtrias of people that getting ready for hell on Earth in varying degrees of intensity.  First is the Survivalist or the  Professional , the second is the Committed Prepper or the  Semi-Professional , and the third is the Fair Weather Prepper or the  Novice .  Then you have the non preparation type of individual that I will discuss later.The survivalist knows much and can make it through all sorts of degrees of nightmare and is like the professional athlete that spends enormous amounts of time and effort to master their passion, to survive through practially anything.The committed prepper is someone that will constantly put the effort into being ready for all various emergencies but does not put the amount of time that a survivalist does.  The committed or dedicated prepper is ready for most of the basic disasters but just not quite to the level in which the survivalist is ready.The fair weather prepper is someone that gravitates towards the fun part of being ready.  While the committed prepper has a garden and ready for all sorts of canning and storage for the excess, the novice garden is only for good tasting vegetables at the end of the season.  The novice prepper is not really committed and loses interest when the hurricane season is over, or the aftershocks from the large earthquake are over.  This person is still much better off than the non-prepper in that they usually have something stored up for the next emergency.A few weeks ago a read a comment from a lady that really touched me in it that she did not have much money, yet she continued to try to store up what she could to try to be ready.  She is definitely a very committed prepper and someone that should be very much admired unlike these imbeciles that don't store up anything and live high on the hog.  Ken does not want to admit it but he is a survivalist, HE IS A PROFESSIONAL.  If a hideous nightmare hell hits the planet, Ken is likely going to be one of the few that are going to make it. Now lets look at the non-prepper, especially those that get on to these talk shows and condemn people that are trying to prepare themselves.  Those that call anyone that attempts to get ready mental cases that are paranoid and living in fantasy worlds.  The non-prepper that refuses to do anything to prepare and laughs and ridicules those that try to be ready, or the  Classic Jackass .  The classic jackass is someone who does not even store up extra lightbulbs, someone who if given a box of candles for free would sell them at a garage sale.  The classic jackass does not even have extra junk food in case they run out during the big game,  always can go to the store .  This individual has empty pantries and yet filled up house full of expensive gadgets that seldom are used as they have become bored with them.  The classic jackass depends totally on all the utilities working and maybe has a couple of bottles of water in the refrigerator.  In other words, someone totally dependent on society continuing to function  normally .  This is the vast population of the country.To further go on about the classic jackass, probably many in your neighborhood, are the type that will become the biggest MOOCHES you could ever believe when their little world no longer functions like it should.  These individuals are exactly the same type of people that have talked behind the prepper's backs about them being crazy for spending money and time trying to get ready.  They are also the first on the prepper's doorstep asking for a hand out.  They are exactly the type of people that would barbecue everyone's pets in the neighborhood at first sign that society was not going to be back to normal anytime soon.  SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING is so true, and even the novice prepper that kind of goes with the trends of getting ready is still going to be a lot more secure and prepared than the non-prepper.  Everyone that tries to prepare even a little bit  are different  than the rest of them  thankfully , they are not in the category of a jackass.

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Re: YOU CHOOSE! Tell us what you want
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There's a terrific auomnt of knowledge in this article!

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Re: YOU CHOOSE! Tell us what you want
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2012, 09:04:27 PM »
Okay here are my top choices for what we all are in deep tbluroe about.1. Deadly virus, completely inevitable.2. World War 3.  Unless people jump in their spiritual sense, a global war if some plague has taken out 90% of the population is so likely.3. Collapse of the civilization, probably via financial and money issues.4. Terrorism.  I have seen first hand the shear disdain of Muslims in their eyes at how the white supremacists treated them just here where I live.  I have heard this is widespread all over the country.  Muslims will eventually retaliate, I just hope to God it is not in my area, but could be.5. Martial Law.  EVERY country can fall into this, and there are all sorts of executive orders that could usher it in within an instance.6. Planet's crust shifting.  Many think that Antarctica actually is Atlantis the lost continent.  I could see a rapid shift where an equatorial land mass is suddenly at one of the poles.  The first time I read about this the thought really hit me.  Maybe just a hutch.7. Volcano, super or smaller.  Everyone should have N-95 or better N-100 masks.  Volcanic ash can literally get into your lungs and there it can become like cement and suffocate you.  Volcanoes go off all the time, and can occur ANYWHERE that a fissure in the thin crust that we ride on.8. Earthquake.  Lived in an earthquake zone and went through a 7.4 and several in the 5.8-6.7 range.  The hypocenter is where the earthquake waves hit the surface, a 6.0 at ground zero hypocenter is awful.  The highest percentage of gravity I ever felt was about 22% and that was enough.  Try to imagine gravity higher than 100%, you get thrown into air.  Enoough reason for anyone to prepare for, anywhere, even where earthquakes are not expected.9. Warped weather.  The climate reacts to any changes, from the sun, to the planet itself, especially ocean currents.10. The sun belching.  This is a total natural event that happens again and again for billions of years and will happen again unless the sun goes nova tomorrow.  It is not only EMP, it is a radiation storm that could fry every biological unit down to a few inches of soil.  Some extinctions have been thought to be the result of the sun unleasing a CME of extreme radiation.11. Black swan, who knows.It is better to not put all your eggs in one basket and prepare just for one event.  If you go to the tbluroe and sacrifice of prepping mega style, don't forget about all the other events that can and probably will occur at some time in the future.  Those people from Texas were completely ready with 50 tons of food, yet their structures were vulnerable to a very powerful tornado, EF-4 and EF-5 have picked up railroad cars loaded with coal or other heavy material, and to radiation from a nuclear war or a nuclear accident.  It takes 9.6 inches of steel to have a 250 protection factor, make the outside radiation 1/250 inside.  those shipping container are probably only a couple inches to 3 inches think.  While only 44 inches of soil will give you this 250 protection factor.  Don't want to bury it, you could backfill it.  Also a mound of dirt is less conspicuous to other people in case of any disaster.I say prep for everything you can, it can't hurt when something does happen.By the way Ken and Lauren look good for their ages, I would not have said early 50 s.  I do think that occasionally I inadvertently prematurely age poor Ken with some of my over the top comments.  I think sometimes Ken bangs his head on his computer and makes the type of sound that Charlie Brown makes after Lucy pulls the football away and he lands flat of his back with some of the outrageous statements I have sent in.  I do try though, and I do have his best interest and those out there at heart.