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THE COLLAPSE -- Hope, Dispair & Faith
« on: September 12, 2012, 09:18:00 AM »
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Well said GA. I Agree, we are too far gone but only under the current system. I do believe that it is possible for us to pull out of it,
but this sadly is not likely. Not because it can't be done, but because not enough people are awake and caring and equally so,
powerful forces oppose the kind of change required to precipitate  a true recovery.

Understanding the situation in Europe, grease, Italy...  as well as China, Russia, and around the world. I realize there are big players
out there that will try to crash the markets intentionally assuming the markets  don't crash themselves. Yes, the worst is likely
coming and coming soon.

All that being said, if we had someone like a Paul in office, a well stacked congress with a drive to open up all of our natural resources,
remove regulation, remove the IRS, and a ton of other departments, recover could happen. It could happen really fast as a matter of
fact. Set the American people free and they can do amazing things. However, the American people are in chains, anchored by the
bondage of unprecedented, unrepresented regulations and laws pointed at the people rather than for the people. Yes, unrepresented
in that our regulators are appointed or hired bureaucrats, not elected officials.

The bad news is short of a massive constitutional freedom movement exploding and abounding in the hearts and minds of men and
woman we will lack the political and people power needed to overcome. There are such movements, FreedomWorks, Glen Becks
movement and Paul to name a few. These leaders are inspiring Millions of Americans and change is underway.

However, with that glimmer of hope I do not see land on the distant horizon, in fact, nothing but water and storm clouds everywhere. 
There is hope, but this hope in not yet clearly seen. The possibility remains, but the fortitude to realize the possibility, though growing is
still short by half.

The conclusion: We need to be active citizens, vote and share the message of hope and with as many people as we can. That is our minimum
duty!  Furthermore we absolutely need to do what WE can to PREPARE Ourselves NOW. We cannot wait for the proverbial knight on his white
horse to ride in and save us. I strongly recommend you get right with God, get on your knees and repent of your sins. Once right, follow him,
read your Bible and prepare expeditiously. Without God on our side, we are truly alone and without hope. I for one, will never be alone!
Prepared and Reconciled

Spread the world, tell a friend, tell two!  Share this forum or just inform them. Use a common sense approach to
emergency preparedness. Tell them that it just makes sense to have some extra food in the house, at least a month. Once they stock a month's
worth,, the will probably become hooked with the idea and grow from there. Aim for a month with your skeptical  friends, plant a seed in their
hearts today! I like this..  LEARN / GROW / SHARE!
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Re: THE COLLAPSE -- Hope, Dispair & Faith
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2012, 10:30:40 AM »
I definetly appreciate your thoughts and agree with you. The bottom line is the fact that pain is coming, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The event will not be the problem. The human reaction subsequent to the event will be where the real hardship will exist. There's gas all over the floor just begging for a spark.

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