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MRE -- Meals Ready To Eat - Value?
« on: September 13, 2012, 12:44:08 PM »
Budget Meals Ready To Eat - MRE

12oz Standard Can of Spam
* East Pull Top Lid
* Not dry, contains moist meat product
* No cook! Ready to eat right out of the can
* 3 Year standard shelf life -
If kept in a cool location it will last longer!
* 1,080  Calories
* 132g   Total Fat
* 7g       Protein

Spam, an alternative to expensive MRE's!
Often when new to Emergency Preparedness (Prepping) the first thing people think of is getting their hands on some military style MRE's or Meals Ready To Eat. Though there is nothing wrong with this approach people often get a painful sticker price shock when they look them up. A typical MRE will run you about $10 and often more. That is a lot of money for a one time light meal packing only about 1,200 calories. I personally do not stock MER's.

Diversify: Now we are not suggesting that you go buy a hundred cans of spam and plan to live off of them in a emergency. No, you should diversify your food stocks in order to avoid pallet fatigue and improper nutrition / malnutrition. Spam in a great on the road, day trip, hiking or emergency bug-out-bag food item. It is low cost and high calorie, easy to open and ready to eat right out of the can.

Go Pack: Part of your emergency preparedness plans should include an emergency GO PACK. A go-pack or bug-out-bag should contain items to cover all your most critical needs. This should include food, water or water filter device, knife, change of clothes, important information / documents and other items designed to get you to your emergency backup location alive. If you don't have an emergency backup destination you should. Take some time today to develop your emergency backup / bug-out plan.

Imagine: A couple of situations come to mind. One, we mentioned above. The Bug Out Bag. Used to evacuate your location and relocate. Another situation that comes to mind is scouting. Imagine, you are two months into a disaster. You have had little news and for whatever reason, you have to hike to a location, perhaps the center of town or a friend's house. You are not fully bugging out, but you know it is possible you could be delayed. Take your backpack with items you might need including some water and some Spam. If you get stuck, delayed or tired along the hike, you have food to give you the energy you need to get you through the day or days.

Spam:  Spam is a tasty high fat, high calorie MRE or ready to eat meal. It's low price of about $2.50 a can makes it ideal for the Prepper on a budget. It fits nicely in a back pack, has a standard 3 yr shelf life and a nice pull top lid. This lid can be opened easily with your fingers. The product provides you with 1,080 calories per can. Two cans is more than enough for one person per day. One can will due for minimum daily survival rations and for a child one can a day should be plenty.

Uses: The can be rinsed and used as a storage container, mini shovel or a drinking cup. The lid can be used for a makeshift knife in a pinch however you should have a knife in your kit already. All in all, when you consider that for the price of a standard MRE you can have about 4 cans of Spam, Spam is a far better value.

MER or Spam? Spam does lack the variety that is available in a MRE variations. There are also other choices besides MRE's such as Freeze Dried Food. Freeze dried food requires water to hydrate it. If you think carrying extra water is to much work, you are back to MRE's or Spam.  For me, I have a little of everything. Spam, freeze dried food and I do have one MRE.  I just could never get past the price of the MRE's. Also, most MRE's are only rated for 5 years. Freeze dried food is rated for an amazing 25 years!  I feel my money is better invested in spam for my MRE needs and other foods for daily emergency consumption.

Other Foods: One last warning, do not plan your food storage around Spam! If eaten as a sole food source you will become malnourished and frankly, you will quickly become sick of the taste. Check out our other sections on a good balance of food stuff for storage. Dry rice, beans, wheat, can goods, delicious just add water freeze dried food just to name some. Spam simply makes an Ideal bug-out or hiking backpack meal.

  I hope this was of help to someone. Please respond with your comments and ideas.
Thank you all for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!
Do whats right come what may. It is time to act, are you? Mobilize, vote & Prepare while you still can. Tomorrow might be to late. God Speed my friends.
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Re: MRE -- Meals Ready To Eat - Value?
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2012, 03:14:00 PM »
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Re: MRE -- Meals Ready To Eat - Value?
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2012, 09:04:03 PM »
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MUST have the spam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that spam is a great MRE. I will be buying some
next time I go food shopping.
Hmmm.........How many cans lets say 10 lol  favicon100
Keep up the great stuff here at Prepper Matrix  favicon76