10 Items Every Man Should Keep In His Car!

Economic Collapse And Bartering In The New Economy Post SHTF

It seems that people have either no clue about the coming economic collapse and what it will mean for day-to-day life, or they have unrealistic expectations of what is to come. The odds are that it will NOT deteriorate into something like the movie “Mad Max” but we could have a sharp increase in the “alternate economy” of people avoiding currency and bartering. This is exactly what happened in 2001 during the economic collapse in Argentina.

Why You Should Take a First Aid Training Course?

First aid is the method of providing immediate and preliminary help in case of an illness, injury, or an accident. A person administering first aid might not be an expert. The idea is to provide quick help to a victim before expert medical help can be obtained. First aid could help in saving someone’s life during any accident.

How To Manage Your Food Storage For Economic Collapse and Hyperinflation

It’s really no good preparing for the coming economic collapse and hyperinflation if you don’t do it the right way. If you screw things up in your planning and storage, it will be a horrible surprise, after thinking you had things all set. Shelf life is a huge factor that some people don’t appreciate the subtleties of, not being aware of some key factors.

Economic Collapse And Civil Unrest: How To Be Prepared For Everything

Okay, so you see that the situation in this country is not looking good and you are beginning to expect an economic collapse is on the horizon. You don’t want to go to the extremes of becoming a “Doomsday Prepper” but you want to take some precautions so that if / when something happens, you won’t be caught totally off guard. What do you do?

Three Reasons To Have An Emergency Car Kit

Not everyone who has an emergency car kit is a radical survivalist or a “Doomsday Prepper” like those on the National Geographic show. As a matter of fact, the federal government (FEMA) recommends that we all have some emergency supplies with us in our car. Still not sold?

SHTF: Are You Really Prepared For An Economic Collapse?

Take a minute and ask yourself the following questions to see if you really think you are prepared for an economic collapse or other similar “SHTF” (Sewage Hits The Fan) scenario. Keep in mind, this is not about buying gas masks and guns, but rather it is about preparing for the most probably needs during a major national or regional crisis. No zombies or “Mad Max” scenario where there is a total societal breakdown.

Is Your Family In Danger of Starving in an Emergency?

Disasters often happen without warning leaving you with no time to prepare. Read this article to learn more about the amount and type of food that you should always keep stocked in order to keep your family safe.

Test Your SHTF Survival IQ and Your Chances Of Surviving An Economic Collapse

So you think you know as much as a “Doomsday Prepper” and you’re ready to survive all the chaos of an economic collapse? Take this simple quiz and see how you stack up against hard core preppers and survivalists. 1) What Does TEOTWAWKI Stand For?

What To Do When The Economic Collapse Happens

Experts agree that whenever the impending economic collapse happens, it will seem very sudden, even though it has been years in the making. The actual implosion will most likely happen on a Friday, when the markets and banks have a two-day weekend closure to allow extra time for the powers that be to sort things out. When the news hits, people will be glued to their television sets, trying to make sense out of what has happened.

Economic Collapse: Hyperinflation Survival Plan

It really doesn’t matter that you understand that the probability hyperinflation and economic collapse are on the way. It only matters that you use that knowledge to actually do something about it. This article will help you with the basics of a hyperinflation survival plan and some of what I tell you may surprise you.

SHTF: Are Solar Panels Really The Answer For Energy?

Even if you’re not exactly a “Doomsday Prepper” you probably wonder, with all the wide scale power outages recently, how you’d fare if you lost power in your neighborhood. Hurricane Sandy was an unsettling reminder of just how fragile our power grid can be. The rise in popularity of solar powered, “off the grid” houses gives us a lot to think about with respect to self-sufficiency and disaster preparedness.

The Economic Collapse Survival Guide

You don’t have to be a “Doomsday Prepper” to be concerned about the very real possibility of some sort of economic collapse happening soon. So what do you do to prepare for it? The reality is that buying a gas mask and guns and ammunition are not the first steps that you should take, however cool and glamorous they appear on the television.

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