What Are Go Bags and Why Do I Need One?

Learn how and why to assemble a “go-bag” to facilitate the expedient evacuation from your home. Keep your family safe and prepare for the unexpected.

Survival Kit Ideas

The contents of a survival bag should include enough supplies to stay alive for 72 hours. Contents should include shelter, water purification, fire starting equipment and food.

Rain Water Harvesting Techniques

Rain water harvesting techniques are becoming more and more popular as water bills get higher and the supply of water dwindles. A good rain water collection system will not only save money and water supplies, it can save lives if a natural disaster occurs that has cut off a clean water supply.

Tips for Preparing Your Family for Hard Times

Today, we are witnessing an increase of natural disasters that can strike at any moment without warning. If we do everything in our power to get ready, we will have no need to fear.

Illinois Concealed Carry – How to Pick A Class To Get Your Permit

With concealed carry permit about to be issued in Illinois, there is a flood of people trying to figure out how to get into a good class that will qualify them to get their concealed carry permit. While the law spells out the minimum requirements for a concealed carry permit class, it is important to realize that all “CCW” classes are not created equal. Here are some tips for picking out the best possible class.

Having A Firearm To Protect Your Home And Tips In Choosing The Right One

Having a firearm around is not as scary as some people may think. Lots of parents are anxious about owning firearms and having one in the home. That’s because they feel this is not a good influence on the children.

Emergency Water Supply

An emergency water supply is something every family should seriously consider. The body can live quiet a while without food but only a few days without water. If a catastrophe struck, would your family have enough safe drinking water to survive.

How to Communicate When Phones Are Out in an Emergency

When an emergency spreads beyond the local neighborhood, phones are likely to go out. Traditional phone lines break, cell phone towers fail, and circuits get overloaded. The alternative to no phones is to use hand-held radios, or walkie-talkies. Get the right radios for your family or Community Emergency Response Team by answering key questions about reach, features, cost and training.

Reuniting Your Family Following a Major Disaster

When an emergency hits, your first thoughts will be for the safety and whereabouts of family members and pets. Until you have reached them, you are unlikely to be able to focus on anything else. A good disaster plan recognizes this problem and includes steps that will help reassure and reunite the family as quickly as possible. Three key components – family communications plan, the best phones, and an alternate meeting place — require forethought and cooperation with others.

Boy Scouts Say: Be Prepared With STOP

The darkness of the forest closes in and the confusion you felt yesterday is only more apparent. The few supplies you brought for your camping trip are long gone and the pangs of hunger are grinding through your body.

Learning to Last

People die in emergency or disaster situations every day around the world. Yet, for every death, there are amazing stories of survival.

Fire Ready for the Suburbs – Time to ‘Get in Gear’!

In Australia, many of us live in an area of high fire risk, where bushfires are a constant of nature; in the bush and in the suburbs. With the right gear in place, no matter where you live, you can turn yourself from a helpless victim, at the whims of chance, into someone who has the capacity to See, Breathe, and Think effectively, to make better choices to protect yourselves, your loved ones, your homes and community. As we have seen recently with the Northern Melbourne Epping/Wollart fires of February 2013, and as we have seen many times in the past, people living in the suburbs can be as susceptible to bushfire as those living in the bush. By all means, leave early when you deem appropriate. But fires happen on days other than Total Fire Bans, and having a Back-Up plan, and a bit of basic gear will improve anyone’s situation. ‘Get in Gear’ for living with fire risk and enjoy the peace of mind of being prepared.

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