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Thriver: The Hunter

Since the dawn of civilization, up until the discovery of oil, man has had to rely on hunting and gathering for sustenance and survival. The advent of electricity and technological advances within the last seventy-five years has shifted man’s focus away from these innate tasks. We, as a modern country, have come to rely almost entirely on a third-party system to provide us our foods.

How To Preserve Fish As A Survival Food

SMOKE-CURING has been used to preserve fish by people of all cultures since before the dawn of recorded history. Today most people smoke fish for texture and flavour as opposed to smoking for preservation as is common in less developed countries where transportation and climate extremes may be a factor. Preservation can be accomplished by first cutting the flesh into thin strips and then drying them slowly over a fire – or in the sun in northern climates. Fish preserved in this way is a great source of protein when camping, hiking or hunting.

Factors To Consider When You Are Choosing Your Survival Supplies

There is an old hunter’s axiom that any animal needs “food, water, and cover” to survive. The same can be said for us humans as well and with us you probably need to add clothing and gear to the list. Without those five items, your chances of surviving a crisis or disaster over a long period of time are probably non-existent!

How to Protect Yourself By Learning From The Mistakes Of Others

Are you serious about learning how to protect yourself – about defending against the kind of violence that you can’t even imagine? Are you taking advantage of learning resources that may be all around you – resources that can teach you as much, if not more about how to defend yourself than most of the martial arts and self-defense programs out there?

Best Self-Defense: Tips and Pointers You Need to Know to Effectively Defend Yourself From Danger

Statistically, a crime of violence is committed every few minutes – with an assault happening every 17 SECONDS! With those kinds of odds, learning how to protect yourself should be a natural part of life – it’s a responsibility, not a choice. Here are some important tips for learning how to truly keep yourself safe in today’s often unsafe world.

5 Essential Details You Must Learn About Pepper Spray

Cayenne peppers have a lot of benefits to us. They have proven their worth in the field of culinary. This ingredient is used in a lot of spicy dishes. Aside from that, it is also an effective herbal medication. You can create a topical application that will help reduce pain and swelling in the joints. It can even provide relief for sore throat. Moreover, it is a main content to one of the effective devices for safety.

Stun Gun Device – Basic Information You Should Learn About It

The conventional stun gun has a design that is very easy to use. It is disguised on the common items that people bring every day. This gives you the chance to get your attacker off guard. A cellular phone, pen and umbrella are just few of the designs that you can choose from. It is usually powered by an ordinary 9-volt battery. If you decide to use this kind of device for personal protection, you must learn about its basic information.

Dog Attacks – The Best Ways To Protect Yourself

Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself from dog attacks and dog bites-dog attack prevention 101 if you will. Read on to learn more.

Helping People Survive Disasters

Just going by worldwide reports on the Internet, we realize how many problems people are experiencing. In pretty well all of the cases reported, few folks are prepared for any disaster and often survival has never been discussed.

How to Plan and Manage an Emergency Disaster Response

Emergencies can strike anywhere at anytime. If you are a leader in an organization or family, it is important that you are adequately prepared to handle the chaos that could come. This article helps provide information on how to best prepare for an emergency situation.

Are You Prepared for Disaster – Do You Have an Escape Pod?

After watching the big fires in the Southwest, and the floods from the Mississippi and Missouri River we watched people leaving town in giant traffic jams with all of their important personal belongings. If you’ve ever had to evacuate from an area, you know that you can drive for 500 miles and all the hotels will be full in all the cities, because everyone else is leaving your area as well. You have no choice, but to sleep in your car.

Operating a Fire Extinguisher Safely

Asking your boss to allow you to sit a fire extinguisher training course is a great idea not only for you as an individual but also your business will benefit hugely! These points alone should hopefully be sufficient to convince your boss that a fire extinguisher course is a good idea.

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