Building a Pallet Wood Cabin: Cheap Tiny House for a 1 Year Old (PART 3)

Eight Ways To Avoid Survival Preparedness Mistakes When You Have Kids

These are some things we might forget when planning a survival scenario when you have kids, Planning for them is just as important as having gear in general. Tips on things to have when kids are in the preparedness plan.

4 Things You Always Wanted To Know About First Aid

There is a popular saying that accidents happen when you least expect them, and true it is, for a mishap can take place almost anywhere whether it is your home, office and even on the streets. Add to this a possibility of any old or sudden illness cropping up. This is where first aid comes in the picture as it is the initial treatment to be administered should any such injury or even sickness take place.

The Best Way to Prepare For Emergencies

Do you have the emergency survival supplies necessary to battle the tough winter and above average hurricane season expected in 2012? The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration issued the weather outlook for 2011-2012 and it looks as though the weather pattern will again be under the influence of the La Nina resulting in lower than normal sea surface temperatures.

We Must at All Times Be Ready for Our Family’s Security and Well-Being in Case of a Disaster

Emergencies can be unpredictable, so you never know when you will need your emergency source. There could be an earthquake, severe weather conditions or an unplanned shortage of food. We must always be ready for our family’s safety and well-being in case of a disaster. With the right amount of food storage and stores, this preparedness can be achieved.

Be Prepared for a Natural Emergency With Your Emergency Supply Kit

You will never know when an emergency may strike and you will need disaster stores. There could be an earthquake, severe weather or an unplanned shortage of food. When there is an emergency, we need to always be ready to protect our family’s needs. With the right amount of food storage and provisions, this preparedness can be achieved.

Will You Survive The Apocalypse?

The apocalypse is coming – of that there is no doubt. The only questions are – when, and will you survive? Will you be prepared? Do you know how to stay alive after a natural disaster, government collapse, or hostile invasion? What would you do if you suddenly had to abandon your home – do you know where you will go, or what you will do? Check out this Survival Guide to learn how to stay alive in the apocalypse.

Emergency Roadside Kit: A Winter Necessity

The headline reads, “Hypothermic Man Stranded on Remote Thurston County Hill” The story, in the KOMO, states the man’s car broken down and his battery died. He tried walking to safety, but the attempt backfired. Rescue teams had to be assembled to attempt his rescue.

Consider Water and Food in Self-Sufficient Living

Self-sufficient living must address sources of water and food. Here are options for providing your own water and food.

Mountain Winter Survival Tips

Whether a day hike or an extended trek, it can lead to disaster if not properly prepared. Plan your trip carefully and include some of these items to survive.

Children Can Save Lives Too

We are taught from a young age what to do in case of emergency by our parents and that’s to call for help or 911 in most cases. But do they really know what to do after that? Is there an emergency kit or a first aid kit that they know how to get to and use until an adult arrives?

Top 10 Tips To Survive 2012

The year 2012 has been observed as the end of the human race and the reason to survive during this major apocalypse is hitting the media as well as the internet. In order to survive 2012, if cataclysms happen, men are taking precautions by preparing themselves towards this great challenge.

Emergency Preparation Tips for Typhoons

Typhoons are weather phenomenon. One can never prevent it from forming and coming over. Preparation is the key.

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