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Special Forces Gear That Can Be Used by Civilians

Some of the most exciting divisions of the Unites States armed forces are the ones referred to as Special Forces. Special Forces members run top-secret tactical missions. One such mission was the one that took out terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden.

Night Vision – Ultimate Technology Put to Good Use

Humans, compared to many other animals, have very poor night vision. We have evolved to become highly dependent on artificial sources of light in order to see after the sun sets.

Urban Survival, Economic Collapse and Foraging for Food

Learn how to feed your family with food that is all around you, even in an urban environment. With the economy in tatters and the reality of hyperinflation and economic collapse all the more possible, learning urban survival skills should become a priority for anyone who realizes that another Great Depression could be here sooner than we think.

Emergency Preparedness For Kids – Your Kids’ Needs May Differ From Yours

Emergency preparedness for kids is very different from those of an adult. Children do not have the capacity to anticipate emergencies and would need to be schooled by their parents during these times. The good news is that emergency preparedness for kids is not as hard as most people think.

Surviving Economic Collapse – How to Do It

In these uncertain economic times, it is wise to examine what a worse case scenario situation might look like and what you can do to survive. In this article we will do just that. We will gain perspective on what this situation is likely to look like and give you a basic plan for your survival.

Home Defense During Riots, Looting and Civil Unrest

Most people think they will always be safe and never have to worry about riots, looting or civil unrest. However, we are living in times unlike any other in history, where generations of Americans have grown up totally financially dependent upon the government, and the government is broke. History has taught us that when people lose hope, they take to the streets, and desperate people do desperate things.

Riots, Looting and Civil Unrest – How to Stay Safe

Whether it is an isolated incident like Hurricane Katrina wreaking havoc on New Orleans, or a natural disaster or terror attack creating widespread panic, or an economic collapse, many respected experts believe that civil unrest could be in our future. Without even considering what precipitates it, it is a good idea to have an understanding of what could happen and how to keep yourself and your family safe.

Choosing the Most Suitable Survival Products for Your Needs

In the event of a disaster, you will want to know that you have purchased the right items, and that they are all close at hand. In a classroom situation, you may need a larger survival kit, however, in the car it can be scaled down a great deal. First aid kits are essential for all occasions and can be extremely useful no matter what the disaster is that has struck. The basics which are included, in the kit should be pain relief tablets, bandages, scissors and low grade disinfectant.

When Disasters Strike!

When a disaster strikes an area, local people can lose their homes and villages. Some catastrophes can cause a great number of people to be injured or killed.

Survival Products

Survival products come in a huge array of different formats and can be tailor made to your needs and specifications. Disaster can strike at any time, and preparation is often the key to survival and coping with the situation. Preparing a survival kit may seem extreme; however, it can make all of the difference if something does happen.

Economic Collapse in the US – How to Prepare

If the US is headed for an economic collapse, how should you prepare? This article examines an economic collapse in a wealthy country very similar to the US to learn what three practical steps we can take to prepare.

How Prepared Are You For An Emergency?

When the topic of emergencies comes up, most often the focus is on catastrophic types of emergencies such as floods, fires, storms and earthquakes. People seldom think of smaller everyday types of emergencies such as a lost purse or wallet, an automobile accident, an injury, the failure of an appliance or lawn mower or whatever. When questions about what might be needed in emergency situations are asked, most responses include things like food, supplies, transportation, access to cash, accommodation, valuables, critical documents and all sorts of similar things.

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