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Is Traffic Safety Any Of Your Concern?

The large and growing number of fatal road traffic accidents and deadly injuries seems to be accepted as unavoidable fate, as if nothing could be done to check its ominous call. In fact one should not accept such a conclusion, but enforce drastic measures to curb those tragic consequences. If authorities and laws are unable to prevail, should not regular concerned citizens take the lead and struggle to find more effective ways to improve education and limit the tragic results?

IV Warmers: Choosing a Superior Portable IV Warmer for First-Rate Quality Care

IV Warmers are an imperative part of achieving optimal intravenous therapy in all sectors of medical care.  Used to heat blood and fluids prior to treatment, they are the single most effective means of hypothermia prevention for surgical procedures and physically traumatized patients.  Assorted from traditional facility equipment to convenient and advanced battery-operated designs, manufacturers of medical devices are constantly setting new standards for the way professionals provide first-rate quality care in every environment.

IV Warmers: Pros and Cons of IV Equipment Varieties

Determining which intravenous items to utilize is a crucial decision for all healthcare institutions. The following is a comprehensive guide of IV warmers, highlighting benefits and disadvantages for each option to assist providers in selecting appropriate intravenous equipment for specific treatment environments.

Blood Warmer Machines: What Are the Areas of Application?

Administering cold blood intravenously is one of the lesser-known causes of hypothermia, but the effects can be just as dangerous as hypothermia caused by weather exposure. To prevent medical patients and injury victims from experiencing life-threatening hypothermia, hospitals and emergency medical services (EMS) use a portable one for intravenous (IV) fluids. Unlike a standard IV machine, the warmer is lightweight, disposable, and requires no proprietary tubing, making it easy to transport and operate.

Why You Should Buy Pepper Spray

People have come up with many reasons why one should buy pepper spray…but are they really correct? If you want to know the real reasons, with no fluff, then check this out. We have the facts, and were sharing them with you.

Ready or Not, Here It Comes – The Solar Storm of the Century

Where do you plan to be, what will you do and how will your lifestyle change when the storm hits? Three very good questions…hopefully you’ll have some very good answers.

Fluid Warming Devices: Design Alterations Create Opportunities for Widespread Medical Use

How fluids are provided during treatment is important because their application directly affects the outcome of the patient. A warming technology was developed to enhance the quality of care supplied in a medical facility. Original devices were plugged into a wall for use during emergency care or surgery.

IV Warmers: Improving the Quality of Field Treatment

An intravenous, or IV, tube is applied to provide multiple types of fluids to patients. Warmers have become a necessity in many situations to prevent a drastic drop in body temperature. IV warmers heat the substance before it is supplied through the infusion site.

Best Emergency Food Supply – Get It Before You Need It

Disasters are events that cause disruption to one’s life, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires and flash floods to name a few. Catastrophes occur at the most unexpected times and most people are not prepared for these occurrences. We can never prevent them since they are caused by forces of nature.

How To Survive Natural Disasters And Consequent Food Crises In The West

When did you last express gratitude for the soil, plant, animal, primary producer (farmer and farm worker), transportation, food preparation and food outlets that bring your food to your table each day? Be real now! We take a lot for granted, let’s face it. But things are changing!

How to Protect Yourself From a Dog Attack

Even though most dogs are friendly, animal attacks can and do occur unexpectedly. Most dogs will not attack unless they have been provoked, but some do. You might be out jogging or even taking a walk around the block with your own dog and find yourself face to face with a viscous dog. Find out how to protect yourself with these safety tips.

Are You Prepared for the Next Hurricane?

An estimated 5.1 million homes and businesses were without power from North Carolina to Maine due to recent hurricane Irene. Local utility companies couldn’t make any promises but had said it could take days to restore power in more accessible areas, but could take a few weeks before they would get power up and running in harder-hit areas. For those people who had never been without power for an extended period of time before, you can only imagine what they went through. No lights. No refrigeration. No air conditioning, etc. Unfortunately for many, this was just another hurricane to survive.

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