How to purify and filter water making it safe to drink

Does the Radiation Fallout From Japan’s Nuclear Reactor Accident Endanger US Coastlines?

There are many folks worried about the radiation fallout coming from Japan and now hitting our shoreline. We know the ocean current has taken it here, because we have spotted ghost ships, debris, whole docks, and garbage which are here now from that major disaster. Some with traces of radiation well above what we’d wish to encounter here. We of course also worry about the fish we eat, and even the air we breathe. Folks are concerned with leafy vegetables which may also have radiation on them. How concerned should we really be?

Are Our Nuclear Waste Sites Safe in the United States – Where Should I Live?

Nuclear disposal is a serious issue indeed, but luckily new future technology appears to be ready to go which will allow those spent fuel rods to be used down to under 5%, that mean we will have a lot less waste to deal with, and it means that old plants can sell their spent fuel rods to new plants which can then use that material even more, almost like getting free fuel, perhaps the ultimate in recycling schemes. Still, there have been some unfortunate stories of ground water contamination from runoff of nuclear storage facilities in the past, and so it might be worthy to discuss this.

CPR Classes From the American Heart Association

Cardiac arrest is an emergency medical condition that often arises suddenly and without any type of warning. It’s a frightening event whether you are suffering from the heart attack yourself or are watching someone you love go through this traumatic experience. Fortunately, the development of advanced CPR techniques makes it possible for ordinary people just like you to save the life of a loved one or even a stranger on the street.

How to Stock Extra Food for Disasters and Emergencies

Even if you don’t believe that the end of the world as we know it can happen at any moment, preparing for a disaster or emergency makes sense. Even the possibility of a bad event sends the people in that area into a panic.

2012 Survival Tips – Prepare For the Inevitable

There are specific things that can be done now to prepare for any major disaster or crisis that may occur at the end of 2012. Even if the earth does not end as predicted, measures can be taken to safeguard your home.

Is Sharing Land Possible?

Not everyone is endowed with the financial assets to be able to afford to purchase their own little segment of paradise to homestead and use as an emergency retreat when the time arrives. Suppose an acquaintance goes out and purchases a 10 acres parcel of land in Kentucky or in southern West Virginia and desired to construct an off-grid homestead.

Bioterrorism Strategy for Early Warning – We’ve Got a Plan

As the coordinator for a think tank which happens to operate online, occasionally I am asked what keeps me up at night. What sorts of things are so serious and challenging, problems that must be solved, but issues we have not fully addressed yet? Well, that is the question of the day of course, one we must consider. Bio weapons and bioterrorism are probably the most serious challenges to human civilization moving forward. Most natural disasters we’ve been able to deal with, expect, and have adequate plans for.

Dealing With Disaster – How to Deal With Your Emotions After a Disaster

Disasters bring on a lot of emotions. While it won’t make them go away, knowing what to expect and that it’s perfectly natural may help.

Healthy Survival Tips – Eating Healthy During a Natural Disaster

What you eat matters, even in times of disaster. In fact, what you eat may be more important during this time. Here are a few things to think about.

How to Store Flammable Liquids On-Site

This article gives an overview on how to store flammable and hazardous substances that are used for commercial and industrial purposes. There are strict guidelines and practices that need to be regarded.

What Are Landslides and What Should You Do to Guard Your Personal Safety?

Landslides are a formidable force of nature with heavy objects crashing down a hill. What can you do to prepare for one and what should you do during a landslide?

Some Common Sense Tips to Keep in Mind for Flood Survival

Huge numbers of humans world-wide live in low-lying areas, along rivers, and are therefore vulnerable to occasional flooding. It’s even possible that climate change will bring more intense rainfall and produce more flooding. Here are some tips to keep yourself and your family safe during a flood.

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