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PALS Training to the Rescue – Chest Pain in Children

Occasionally, children complain that their “chest hurts”. Of course, with an adult, one would automatically assume “chest pain” signifies heart problems. But is this the case with children’s complaints of chest discomfort? Read on, it could save your child’s life!

A Life Saved By CPR

The sun was shining this warm summer afternoon and people were outside enjoying it. A group of men had gathered near a local shopping mall parking lot to play a friendly game of basketball. The play was active, the temperature climbing and everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves.

What to Look for When Selecting an IV Fluid Warming System

When intravenous (IV) liquids are administered cold, they can cause the recipient to experience hypothermia. Hypothermia is dangerous in itself, but it can also lead to other health problems, such as cardiac arrest and hospital-acquired infections. Using an IV warmer is the easiest way to prevent hypothermia that results from cold infusions, but not every warmer is the same.

How to Prepare for and Survive the Coming Food Shortage

The warning signs are all around us. For the past two years food prices have been going up. Some will say it is because of the falling dollar. However, food is getting more expensive all around the world, not only in the US. Maybe climate change is the reason. Maybe it is a global conspiracy. Ultimately, the reason is not important. What is important is whether you are ready to deal with it. A global food shortage is on the way. Are you ready to survive?

How to Prepare Yourself for a Food Shortage

You might think that you are able to deal with any emergency situation, whether it is man made or natural, but if you have no real life experience you shouldn’t be so sure. Every disaster scenario is different and even if you think that you are prepared enough to deal with a flood or a tornado, a firestorm might eventually defeat you. However, even the most prepared people usually miss out on the most important aspect of any disaster – food shortage.

Emergency Food Storage – What Are Your Options?

While some areas around the world are safer than others, have you given any thought to what would happen if your food supply was disrupted? Even if you live in a comfortable safe suburb, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. So where do you start, and what should you think about?

Fluid Warming System Manufacturers: Which One Should You Choose?

Intravenous (IV) infusions are a standard part of medical care at hospitals, health clinics, and during the course of emergency medical service (EMS) work, but administering warm infusions is not a standard practice. When the temperature of an infusion is less than 95°F, it can cause hypothermia and hypothermia related conditions, such as cardiac arrest and hospital-acquired infections.   Using IV warmers can help prevent these maladies, but the question becomes which manufacturer to buy from.

IV Fluid Warmer Bag: The Benefits of Using a Portable IV Warmer

An intravenous (IV) fluid warmer is a small device that makes a big difference in the quality of medical care that patients receive. If you manage a hospital, health clinic, or emergency medical service that is considering adding portable IV warmers to its lineup of medical equipment, below are eight reasons why it should do so:

An IV Fluid Warming System: What Are the Areas of Application?

Intravenous (IV) fluids are traditionally administered without being heated-a practice that can cause hypothermia. When the temperature of an infusion is below 95°F-the lowest temperature at which the body retains its normal metabolism-it places the patient at risk for secondary hypothermia. If left unresolved, hypothermia can lead to coma and loss of life; it can also precipitate cardiac arrest and increase the likelihood of hospital-acquired infections, especially following surgery.

What Role Do IV Bag Warmers Play in Emergency Care?

The administration of intravenous (IV) fluids is a standard part of emergency care, but the temperature of the fluids can have a significant impact on the health of patients. When intravenous solutions are administered warm, they can prevent a host of negative health conditions by raising or sustaining core body temperature. When they are administered cold, on the other hand, they can cause the additional maladies below:

Boy Scout Caught Out on a Cold Mountain at Night, Part 3

Billy heard a lot of noises that night as he shivered, but the worst was that of the cruel freezing wind. He battled against it as if he were at war with nature. But he didn’t move from that tree.

Boy Scout Caught Out on a Cold Mountain at Night, Part 2

Billy crawled up the hill, sweat from his brow cold upon his face. He gritted his teeth and aimed for the butte, which was really only a place in his mind. The trail seemed to be a thin piece of string that kept disappearing and then reappearing till it finally ended an almost invisible wisp.

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