How Does an Attacker Select Victims?

Attackers will always go after the weak people. They never attack someone that is perceived as a person really likely to fight back. By understanding how the attacker chooses a victim you can see the changes that have to be made in your day to day life. This article talks about predators and who needs self defence lessons.

Surviving Natural Disasters

The last few weeks have seen a markedly drastic increase in tornado activity here in the US. In fact, we may have seen the largest outbreak of tornadoes this early in the season in all of history. And this pattern isn’t isolated. We’ve been experiencing record breaking occurrences of natural disasters more often in the last decade- from tornadoes to hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, cold…

Prepare to Use Your Survival Skills During Disaster

Natural disasters are becoming part of our news reports almost daily now. Discover how you can learn to cope with these tips on developing survival skills to use during a disaster.

How to Play Wilderness Survival Games

Are you concerned about the natural and man made disasters happening out there? We reveal some great ways to prepare. Earthquakes, forest fires, tsunamis, maniacs with guns. Get some fresh ideas, that will to help you and those important to you, prepare for the catastrophic events that are happening today.

Disaster Survival – When Bugging Out Goes Bad

There is this fantastic romantic notion that at the first sign of a disaster you can run for the hills, the perfect escape. However what does running for the hills mean? Do you know where to go? Do you think people will be happy to see you? If you do, guess again.

4 Main Topics Covered In Pediatric First Aid Courses

Anyone who works with children or has a desire to do so must do a pediatric first aid course. It is a necessary skill that you have to develop. It varies from your general first aid course.

4 Places From Where You Can Get a First Aid Certification

First aid being the primary treatment given in the event of suffering a sudden illness or being involved in an accident, is extremely vital and its timely administration can often prove to be the difference when it comes to life or death. Completing a first aid course will not only help to develop the skills for curtailing the injury and stabilizing the person, but will also teach you to assess the situation as a whole and prioritize the treatment accordingly. Now that you know the importance of a course, it is time to select one.

4 Benefits of First Aid Training

Emergencies come unannounced. We expect the government to up our security systems and make sure that there is no external threat. Bag checks, body scans and X-ray security, we go through all of that to make sure we are in a safe place.

6 Top Benefits of First Aid Training

You may think getting first aid training is unnecessary. It may seem to be somewhat difficult and complicated. This is a wrong notion.

Combat Safety in Post-Apocalyptic America

Melee combat can be fun as all get out, but one ill-placed blow could send a spray of zombie blood and spittle into your eyes, nose, or mouth. And that spells contamination. And contamination, of course, is death. Because fights with the undead will be unavoidable, most survivors will have two choices when it comes to battle: cover up or stick to ranged weapons.

What Items Should You Put In Your Bug Out Bag?

This article discusses the basics of what is required in your bug out bag. More and more people are starting to have a 72 hour survival kit after they have witnessed the horrors left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and various other natural disasters.

Life Giving Water

Water is a very big problem. One of the reasons for this is that we cannot live very long without it. If deprived of food, we might live about a month, if deprived of water, we cannot live more than about three days. So, this subject demands our careful attention. Before we go further we must ask why would we be without water? After all, every county in America provides us all we can use. In response we note that there are reasons our water system may not always continue to work. Some of these are short term failures, while others may be long term interruptions in our water supply.

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