Is This the Beginning of the End? (seriously)

Fluid Warming for IV: What Is It?

Most of us are aware of what hypothermia is and how fluid warming can help. The number one symptom of this is when a body temperature goes lower than 35 C (95 F). The most suitable resolution for this is a fluid that has been prepared for warming the body. However, it would not work unless applied intravenously or through an IV.

Warming IV Fluids Safely: What Innovation Devices Undergo

A warmer is used in warming IV fluids given to patients via intravenous tubing. Previous ones were AC-powered, less effective and larger. They could not be safely and easily carried to other places and used in emergency situations. Now, technological advancements improve the reliability of this device for the treatment of patients.

“Just-In-Case” Info and Reminders for Winter Survival

We have heard a lot of stories about snow mishaps during winter. We have heard and read about winter survival. We feel and think like we’ve mastered the dangers in this weather, but accidents are accidents, no matter how careful we may be are inevitable. Unless we are in this situation we really would not know how prepared we actually are. But winter can be fun too. Winter hiking is a popular activity during this weather. So the best thing to do is continuously understand and be aware of all possible situations in a snow mishap.

Choosing the Best Food Storage for Your Survival Food Supply

Are you building up a survival food supply, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about choosing the best food storage for these items? Food, water and incidentals need to be stored differently so take this into consideration when you start building up your supply. Not only do you need to take into consideration where you are going to store it, you also need to determine which type of containers these items need to be stored in.

What Are Your Options for Concealable Body Armor?

Body armor offers vital protection for police officers, military personnel and security forces. However, not all armor is created equal. Concealable body armor offers far more anonymity than a bullet proof vest worn outside the clothing, which is a vital consideration for many applications. Plainclothes police officers, military police, investigators and security personnel need to keep their identity concealed in many instances.This type of armor offers the means to do just this.

An Enormous Hope for Survival Can Be Found in the Form of a Defibrillator

What could be more beneficial to a person, who is experiencing a cardiac arrest in a shopping mall, than having immediate access to a defibrillator? Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are the latest lifesaving apparatuses kept in many public places, in case of emergencies like heart attack or cardiac arrest.

Being Prepared for Emergencies By Choosing the Best Food Storage For a Survival Pack

If you’ve been paying attention to the news the last few years, then you’ve no doubt seen how many natural disasters have hit all over the world. From the recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan, to the hurricane that hit New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005, natural disasters don’t discriminate. They can hit anywhere, anytime, and don’t care if you are young or old, rich or poor. And if these natural disasters have taught us anything, it’s that you have to be constantly prepared for the worst case scenario. Which is one of the reasons why survival packs, food storage and similar survival products have recently seen a recent upturn in sales.

Will Flood Diversion of the Mississippi Cause the Madrid Fault Line to Quake – Possible?

The other day, I was in contact with a geologist and Earthquake expert and we discussed many topics, such as fracking for the oil and gas industry to the challenges of added weight on weakened tectonically active areas. Now then, I’d like to discuss a potential eventuality with you, one that you might think is less than probable but still ought to be considered when it comes to human actions in diverting vast amounts of water to areas where it hasn’t commonly been the prior. First, I’d like to remind you that water weighs 8 lbs.

How Do You Become a Lifeguard?

A number of people hoping to obtain their lifeguard certification typically ask how to become a lifeguard and what are the necessary requirements to complete the task. Typically, all it takes is to have a need to help people, a passion to learn and of course, take joy in spending time in the water. The American Red Cross is the most popular organization that manages the lifeguard certification program and their demands are actually pretty simple and easy to meet.

Survival Water Purification: How to Prepare Safe Drinking Water

In an emergency situation, survival water purification is paramount. Depending on your activity level and the ambient temperature, you may be able to survive up to three days without water. In a survival situation, however, this time frame is dramatically shortened.

When Firefighters Go Bump in the Night

It is pitch black, there is smoke in the room, and a groggy child who is awoken from their slumber by the loud noise of the smoke alarm is scared and frightened. Suddenly, a masked man in a giant suit who breathes like Darth Vader emerges from the darkness. How will your child respond?

How Can EMT Training Help Me To Become A Paramedic?

Paramedic is the most advanced level of EMT training available. Each individual who seeks out to become a paramedic must undergo special EMT training before getting certified. Once the person successfully completes all of the necessary training that is required, he or she will be able to take the paramedic examination. Once the person is certified, he or she can work in any emergency medical services facility.

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