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2012 Survival – Preparation

Whether you believe that December 21, 2012 will bring about global disaster scenarios or not, everyone should have an emergency management plan in place to protect yourself and those closest to you. There are many different, yet equally important factors that go into a quality emergency preparedness plan. The primary purpose of this article is to assist and provide the reader with the necessary information and resources to help you prepare for a long-term global disaster.

A Case of Wrong Identify

I recently concluded a course of study on the basic security procedures necessary for our shipping port of entries. During the continuance of this 8 hour course it was stated over and over about the value of checking for proper identification. This is all well and good if we did not have the modern technology which we possess today. This technology has the capability of creating such perfect specimens of fake identification papers that it is difficult to distinguish them from the real documents. This tends to create a very real problem for our society as a whole.

Be Prepared for Whatever Happens With an Emergency Water Filter

Doesn’t it seem like there are more disasters happening all around the world these days than there used to be? Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, mudslides, floods, avalanches, windstorms, and the like are featured on almost every newscast. It’s all pretty scary, because we all know that a disaster could easily happen to us, too. We can’t help but wonder if we would be prepared to deal with an emergency situation. One of the things that can help us get ready for the “whatever” is to have an emergency water filter at our disposal.

Top Tips for Surviving Through Dangerous Situations

At the time of natural disaster or some dangerous situation, the techniques used by a person to save themselves as well as others are known as Survival Skills. Providing basic necessities like food, shelter, water and habitat for yourself as well as your family are the main criteria. Other than these, first aid, signal for help, and to navigate safely are also some of the important aspects to be taken care of.

NREMT Paramedic

NREMT paramedic is a private organization that was established to ensure the safety of the people. They are responsible for certifying EMT applicants.

Debt and the Survivalist

As the story goes, there once was a survivalist named Mel Tappan who wrote books on setting up the ideal retreat. His advice to the novice was to obtain some high ground in one of the western states and construct your self a log cabin complete with an underground bunker, have a usable barn to compliment your pasture land and locate all this near a free running stream.

Inverter or UPS

Last evening I had a discussion with a like minded individual who felt that he could readily use inverters and UPS units interchangeably. Although the two types of power units may share some similar characteristics they are actual two different “animal”.

Survivalist First Aid Checklist

One can search the internet all day long and continually come up with another first aid checklist. Usually they all seem to contain similar items. Granted the products listed are critical in the event of a crisis but often the notations can provide a new insight into what otherwise appears as redundant. Hopefully, I have a least included some hints in my list that may have been missing from the others. If that’s the case then I feel I have accomplished my goal.

Surviving the Emperors New Clothing

We’ve all heard the tale of the emperor’s new clothes and as a survivalist I often wonder how long after the balloon goes up would it be until we start wearing similar clothing? Few people take into consideration the need to replace our attire in a post crisis America.

Red Cross CPR Classes Vs American Heart Association CPR Training: Which CPR Certification Is Best?

CPR Certification is something that confuses most people. Which class do you need? Which certification is going to satisfy the requirements for your job? Read on so you don’t waste 4 hours of your life!

Preparing For Emergency Situations? Add a Diesel Generator To Your Shopping List!

As a prime source of electricity, or as a backup for when power outages occur, the right diesel generator can help supply your energy needs, regardless if you only have a small home, or are in charge of a business, school, or hospital. Among the different fuel powered generators, those powered by diesel are the least flammable. They also have a longer lifespan and require very little maintenance.

Earthquakes – Are You Prepared?

Having lived through the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shook my home town of Christchurch this September 4th, I can tell you that I, like so many others I have spoken to, from those in my immediate neighbourhood to my much wider circle of friends that live all around parts of rural and urban Canterbury, one thing almost all of us had in common was, we were all so very poorly prepared for such an event.

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