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Diving Safety Courses – Jobs That Require a Diving Certification

Scuba diving is more than just a fun activity that you do while on vacation. It is something that you can actually become certified in, and which can lead to a well paid, exciting career. There are many types of jobs that require at least some experience diving, but the best paid jobs require completion of diving safety courses.

Does Your Small Business Need Employee Safety Courses?

Most large businesses will offer accredited safety courses for new employees, and some will even provide extensive ongoing safety training for select employees in key positions throughout the organization. Many small businesses have a need for this type of safety training program, but they are often reluctant to make room in their budget.

Disaster Recovery Plan – Step Two: Dream, Visualize, Create A Goal

For many natural disaster survivors, it’s not only the physical loss of property that they have to recover from; it is also the emotional and mental trauma of the situation that impacts upon them. When you no longer have control over your world or your reactions, it becomes almost second nature to develop a victim mindset. It is only through learning to respond, rather than react, that will ensure that you not only survive the disaster, but also eventually thrive. Therefore, once the danger is past, take time out to rediscover your dreams and visualize a more positive future. This is a crucial step to recovering your confidence and moving forward. But how do you do this when all seems impossible?

What You Need Know About Survival Food Kits and Emergency Water Rations

If there’s any one thing that’s predictable about an adverse situation, it’s that you can never truly anticipate when and where it will strike. The same can be said for natural disasters. Yes, some regions of the globe are certainly more prone to suffering through inclement and treacherous weather conditions.

Keep Your Students Safe: Empower Your Educators With School First Aid Kits And CPR Classes

Anyone who has ever worked in a classroom of any kind knows that staying vigilant about safeguarding the classroom is of paramount importance. Every day parents send their young learners off to school with the implied assurance that they will be cared for in a safe and secure educational environment, entrusting faculty staff and educators with the enormous responsibility of their students’ collective safety.

Surviving Mt Saint Helens – A Never Before Told Story

The sky was filled with very dark heavy clouds that were boiling and rolling towards us at a very high rate of speed with the biggest, thickest bolts of lighting I have ever seen. There is nothing I can compare it to. In one sense it was awesome, but in another, it was terrifying.

Surviving Disasters – Basics of the Bug Out Bag

Around the world people get up and go to work, play sports, shop, entertain themselves and the tsunami strikes. All of us truly believe that we are safe and have been brought up to believe that nothing will happen to us because the government won’t let it happen and they will take care of us if it does happen. Watching and reading the news gives us the insight into all the disasters around the world daily.

Emergency Kit Toilet: Easy, Safe, and Sanitary

An easy, safe, and sanitary toilet is a must to include for surviving an extended Emergency situation or Natural disaster such as flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane, or even the unthinkable act of terrorism. You’ll be thankful you included it with your Emergency Preparedness Kit and Disaster Survival Plan.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist That Can Save Your Family

Do you live in the coastal regions of the United States? Those living in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi face a constant threat of hurricanes.

How to Have Heat And Fuel in a Power Outage

A backup still is always good to have in case of emergencies. Power outages all over the East Coast are common at this moment.

Why Everyone Should Own Emergency Freeze Dried Food

With natural disasters happening more frequently all over the globe due to global warming and changes to our planet, and with ancient Mayan predictions that a major global change will occur in December 2012, many people are starting to realise that it is a good idea to have an emergency supply of food and water to survive any shortages that may occur in the future from natural disasters or a decline in the resources available. You may be thinking that this all sounds very extreme and pessimistic, but whenever a storm, flood, drought or large snowfall occurs,…

The Risks of Living in a Flood Zone

One flood can wipe out tens of thousands of dollars of your personal property and damage your home beyond repair. When you look for a home to purchase, a major consideration of whether you buy it will be its location. A home situated in a flood zone can mean higher home insurance premiums and a greater risk of flood damage.

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