Prepare for the Next Great Depression and Market Crash

We Need a Micro Air Vehicle “MAV” Warning Flare System

It is incredible all these little unmanned aerial vehicles, especially the tiny ones called micro air vehicles (MAVs) which have come out lately. It seems every time an entrepreneur or someone in the marketplace discovers a need, this technology immediately advances, as these little flying devices can solve a problem. Up until now most of these MAVs have been remote controlled model airplanes, or strictly used for military surveillance, for the troops.

Psychologically Surviving the Storm Recovery

Surviving the storm is trying enough but is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stress. This article presents some common sense steps to help someone psychologically survive the recovery effort.

The Stun Gun Flashlight Is 4 Tools in One

There aren’t many multi-function tools like the stun gun flashlight. From helping you see in the dark to saving your life in the event of an attack this little baby really does it all.

What Solar Survival Gear Should You Purchase For 2011-2012?

When preparing for emergencies and disasters it’s a good idea that you learn the basics like how to start a fire, understanding how to read stars and basic first aid. Once you understand those points then the next thing to do is making sure you have portable power and in this article we’re going to cover the top 3 solar survival gear you should purchase.

Why You Should Create an Emergency Food Supply

Have you ever thought of creating an emergency or survival food supply? Chances are this thought might never have come to the mind of most of you guys because you believe this is useless and you’ll have to face no such emergency in your lifetime.

How to Recognize and Respond to a Heart Attack

The most common signal of a heart attack is persistent chest pain that lasts more than 5 minutes. This pain can come and go, and if untreated can last for several hours. Some people describe this chest pain as pressure, aching, tightness or squeezing. A friend told me his heart attack felt “like an elephant stepping on my chest.”

The Basics of Every Survival Kit

Everyone hopes to never be in a situation where they are forced to survive on their own. However, experienced hunters, fisherman, and hikers understand that freak accidents and occurrences do happen, and sometimes, they need the right survival gear for the situation. Anticipating this need means creating a survival kit full of the correct survival equipment.

Solar Power Will Not Protect Our Energy Grid or Civilization From Solar Storms

The other day I was talking to an individual about the challenges with solar flares, specifically a solar flare that happened in the 1800s, and what might happen to our computer infrastructure, satellites, and energy grid if something like that were to happen today. They told me that we needed to go to solar, because in a major solar storm, we can collect all that energy, rather than letting it hurt us, we could be the beneficiaries of such solar anomalies. That sounds like a decent plan, except that there are a few holes of that theory.

Storing Water for Family Preparedness

I’m living in a town that’s been certified a “Superior” water supply according to the state authorities. Nonetheless when I was running some water in the sink I sensed that I was smelling chlorine.

Emergency – Are You Ready For The Upcoming Power Outage?

There are predictions of many terrible events coming soon, as many of you already know, 2012 is the year that many scholars around the world have been predicting that earth changing events will take place and these earth changing events will bring disaster after disaster to this earth. Massive hurricanes, flooding and giant earthquakes, millions or even billions of people are likely to experience a power outage. This is going to be a problem like you have never seen before, what will all the people do when the electricity has completely gone?

How Peaceful Is Uganda After the Application of Brutality As a Means for Restoring Order and Peace?

Even shooting live bullets at trees would turn a soldier into a fool. On the same day, they switched to beating up of civilians -using bone-breaking sticks, while stealing and sexually harassing women. It was indeed police and army riot against civilians.

Auto Accident Free Driving Rules for the Rain

Operating a vehicle in the rain can be more challenging than some may think. To avoid auto accidents when driving in poor weather, follow these rules for the rain.

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