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Are You Prepared?

As small business owners with many of us working from our homes, we do not think about what a disaster can do to our businesses. Here in New Jersey we have the threat of hurricanes during the summer months and even in the winter we can get hit hard by Nor’easters that bring several feet of snow and take down power lines. So do you have a disaster plan for your business?

First Aid Tips – What Counteracts Pepper Spray?

If you have experienced being sprayed on by pepper spray, you will know how unexplainably dreadful the feeling is. You are lucky if you weren’t able to experience this. But it is imperative that you know how to react and know what you will do if you have been sprayed or accidentally sprayed on yourself.

If You Had to Evacuate Your Home, What Is the One Thing You Would Take With You?

If you had to evacuate your home, what is the one thing you would take with you (besides your family, of course)? Have you thought about this? With the scope and variety of disasters that have occurred over the past year, many of us are becoming more and more concerned that the American Main Street is not prepared for what could come their way.

Creating an Emergency Backpack Kit in the Event of a Catastrophe

One of the simplest things you can do to prepare for an unforeseen disaster is to prepare an emergency backpack kit. In the event of a catastrophe, this backpack kit should contain enough necessities to survive in an interim basis.

Wilderness Survival: Be Prepared for Any Event

One only has to look at the different types of unexpected events across the world this year to realize that our comfortable home and neighborhood can turn into a wilderness in minutes. Those who suddenly lose roads and bridges are cut off from the areas they need to visit routinely.

When Weather Related Disasters Strike Get Counseling

When disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding strike you personally, you may need counseling. You may need counseling if you can’t sleep after a natural disaster. Your children should have counseling if they are affected by a natural disaster. It doesn’t matter what age, or who you are, you may need to seek a professional counselor after experiencing a natural disaster.

Kubotan Self Defense Pens

The Kubotan is not a new concept and has been widely used in Martial Arts for many years. Some people use an ink pen for the same idea, except that a Kubotan is usually made from something strong and stiff like hard plastic or a lightweight metal, so it can’t be broken easily.

Disaster-Proof Your Life: Part 1

A disaster can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to be quite so overwhelming if you take the proper steps now in organizing and safeguarding all your important documents. Getting back on your feet again is much quicker and easier when you plan ahead.

A Seemingly Unimportant Device That Could Save Your Life

You’ve probably seen news reports of various individuals trapped in tight spaces like collapsed mines, wells, or buildings suffering earthquake damage. Unfortunately, these stories are all too common in a modern world where we spend as much time underground or in concrete structures as we do outside. If you’re ever unfortunate enough to find yourself trapped in such a confined space, there is a device that could very well save your life – despite the fact that it doesn’t look like much.

Hurricane Irene Survival Guide: How to Prepare, What to Do, and Other Useful Tips

Recommendations for preparation are similar to any disaster preparedness. Understand the potential for the disaster.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Checklist and Kit

Even after adjusting for inflation, 2011 has been the costliest (disaster related) year in U.S. History. This article provides a list of essential items that you should have in your disaster and emergency preparedness kit.

Portable IV Fluid Warmers: Important Developments for Improved Medical Care

Trauma patients frequently experience hypothermia due to environmental exposure factors, cold fluid infusion, blood transfusions, and surgical procedures. Previous portable models have struggled to warm fluids at the needed temperature range consistently. IV fluid warming devices previously put on the market had issues transferring heat, in addition to heat loss after exiting the heat exchanger.

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