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What Are the Natural Disasters?

Natural disasters are now a major concern of all governments worldwide. In these last years have increased the extent of the damage, already catastrophic. An earthquake, hurricane or other extreme event of nature becomes a disaster or disaster when loss of lives or economic causes.

When Should I Go to the Emergency Room?

When you are involved in an accident or become ill, it can be difficult to determine how urgent your condition may be and therefore which type of health provider your should visit. To receive the best possible care for your condition, it is important that you understand the difference between the different types of care available to make sure you visit the right type of facility. If you think you are suffering from a life-threatening condition, call 9-1-1 or visit your closest emergency room immediately.

For Sale: A Guide to Buying Survivalist Homes

When buying real estate properties in disaster prone areas, it is highly recommended that you should look for survivalist houses which are safer than the typical home models. Natural disasters prone areas usually have a larger number of survivalist homes than in several other areas. Finding these survivalist homes is an equally challenging task as well as getting the best offer.

DIY Local Self Reliance

Self reliance is of utmost importance in today’s world especially owing to the growing awareness of urban survival. There are a couple of aspects in which urban self reliance can be achieved through DIY methods.

Disaster Preparedness

One of the clear emphases of any governmental body is an effective and easy to understand set of methodical and procedural set of plans and policies in the event of a disaster. Because disasters come often without warning, then a measure of readiness can spell the difference between saved lives or lost lives.

The Stun Baton Will Protect Anyone For These 5 Reasons

Have you been checking into getting a stun baton, but don’t know if this is the smart choice for you? There are many reasons that you need to understand why this is the perfect way for anyone to use to protect themselves.

Disaster Kits – A Life Savior

A disaster kit is basically composed of basic survival materials like non-perishable food, water, matches, first-aid kit, flash lights, batteries, knife, etc. You can include all the other things that you think you will need in order to survive during disaster. Make sure that your disaster kit is placed in a location that is easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Shelters: What They Are Used For?

Shelter is listed as a physiological need according to the famous Maslow. We all need it to survive. Sometimes the situation is grave, other times; it’s just a matter of comfort. Listed here are four different types of shelters and what they are used for.

Disaster Preparation Planning – How To Identify Potential Disasters In Your Area

This is the second of two articles in how planning for a disaster can be a fun family activity. The first article entitled “Disaster Preparation Planning – How To Make It A Family Activity” focused on ideas to get each family member involved. This second article highlights ways to collect information about potential disasters in your area.

Disaster Preparation Planning – How To Make It A Family Activity

As a risk manager, I may have a warped sense of what is a fun family activity, but I’ll share one with you anyway – Disaster Preparation Planning. Now how can that be a fun family activity? Well this article outlines how to get started. Keep in mind that to be most effective, creating a disaster plan is not something that can be completed in an hour, it is an activity that can be done in several steps over a few months.

What an UNREP and Emergency Breakaway at Sea Is Like

When a ship is out patrolling the coast or ocean, it will eventually start to run out of fuel. And if they are not a nuclear powered ship, it will usually be a diesel powered ship. Just like a car, you can fill the tank up with fuel, and it will eventually get down to empty if you use it enough.

How to Prevent Becoming the Victim of A Home Fire

It seems like wintertime is one of the most common times of the year to hear about homes being burned. Perhaps it is because people get careless with their fireplace safety or maybe it’s because we are so busy, that we overlook simple fire prevention steps. But whatever the cause, the result is always one of despair, distress and grief. And while the numbers of household fires have decreased in recent years, it has not been alleviated. There are many things we can all do to reduce the risk of becoming the victim of a house fire.

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