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The ABC of First Aid – 3 Points

An injury or a bout of illness can strike anywhere, at home or when you are out at the office or on the road. First aid is the first and foremost line of treatment that is administered to the victim before a more professional help takes over. One of the prime purposes of first aid is to preserve life and this becomes even more crucial if the victim is unconscious with an irregular breathing pattern, or worse is not breathing at all.

7 Qualities a First Aid Administrator Must Have

If you are taking first aid training then you will get deeper insights in the various factors of first aid and even learn the proper practical procedure to carry out the initial treatment before more advanced medical assistance arrives. But in addition to such skills you will have to develop certain special qualities if you want to be a good first aid administrator.

4 Circumstances That Might Require Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Accidents can happen anywhere and at times it might impair or stop breathing or circulation within the body. If such a situation persists for more than a few minutes then the organs of the body including the brain might suffer permanent damage. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is administered as a part of first aid to revive the victim while trying to normalize breathing and circulation till further medical help reaches the spot.

An Ancient Chinese Proverb for Future Family Survival Preparedness: Part Two

Even before you opened your eyes you knew something was wrong. You were hungry, but you’ve woken up hungry before. Suddenly you’re wide awake and you know what’s wrong…

Suggestions For Building Up Emergency Food Storage

Surviving through a disaster, no matter how minor, is contingent on adequate food and water. As a result, an individual should be building up a storage of emergency food before such a disaster hits.

Do You Know The 3 Aims of First Aid?

You already know the importance of first aid being the first line of treatment for any injury or illness. Assessing the entire situation beforehand will put you in a better situation to give the required first aid and also take other necessary steps concerning the patient and the immediate surroundings. The following 3 aims of first aid will put things in proper perspective for you while administering the initial treatment.

Earthquake Emergency Preparation And What You Should Know

A major earthquake took place in San Francisco back in 1906 which had a huge impact on the lives of all future residents of the area. It sent out a clear message: anything can occur between the hour that they go to bed at night and the hour that they rise in the morning. The burning question for most people concerned their odds of waking up again.

Acute Effects of Electrical Weapon Exposure

Since the time that stun guns and Taser guns have been invented, a lot of people have seen their benefits. They have become important tools for police officers. People who were looking for devices that will help defend themselves with have turned to these items.

Verbal Defense Definition and Goals

Self-defense is more than just protecting yourself with weapons and fighting stances. You may also use verbal defense. There are several ways by which this type of defense can be beneficial to you.

The Mind Body Connection to Wellness

How is wellness connected to the mind and body? What are good ways to handle emotional stress?

Tips For Modern Survival

We are living in a time of uncertainty. The world is evolving in such a fast pace that it is almost impossible to keep up yet we are expected to. Society expects us to adapt to new things that are sprucing up and for a moment it feels like the world has changed overnight.

Is the World About To Go To War?

As you read your morning newspaper or tune in to the news on TV, you probably can’t help but think that the world could go to war at any moment. The fact of the matter is, after 9/11, ANYTHING is possible. Ask anyone their opinion and I’m sure you’d find that going to war is probably the last thing that they would want to experience, and yet if you take a long, hard look around you, it seems that countries, cities and neighborhoods are all heading that way.

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