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A Ceramic Water Filtration System Can Save You During an Emergency

Do you ever switch on the TV news and wonder what natural disaster you’re going to hear about today? These situations are seemingly becoming more prevalent around the globe and manifest themselves as tornadoes, hurricanes, wild fires, drought, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other tragedies. But what about all of the people who have been affected by disaster? Were they as prepared as they should have been? Are you prepared in case the unthinkable should occur in your life?

Keep It Simple: Selecting the Correct Items for a Survival Kit

Having the correct items for a survival situation, whether it is a planned excursion into the wilderness or a surprise event, is not just a matter of having a particular item, but also in having the correct variety of a particular item in an ideal quantity. In a perfect world, space would not be an issue, and every individual would have an unlimited amount of whatever they needed.

Choosing The Right Survival Courses

There are times when you need to rely mostly on yourself. When you are out in the wilderness or when you are under any other circumstances where your survival skills and abilities are tested, you are at an advantage if you undergo survival courses.

Emergency Survival Communications: How to Stay Connected

As the result of an emergency situation or natural disaster, normal communications will be disrupted and calling for immediate help will be hard to do. You’ll be thankful that you’ve prepared the best ways to use your cell phone, home phone, and amateur band ham radio.

Tips for Risk Minimizing During Hiking and Backpacking

While countless television programs and survival guides have dedicated countless hours explaining to outdoorsman and survivalists what do in the event of an emergency or unforeseen survival situation. Many experts often neglect to focus on the most important aspect of any survival situation: prevention.

How To Survive In The Wilderness – Dealing With Non-Venomous Insects And Bites

Even the smallest of creatures can turn a joyous outing into one of discomfort or misery. Knowing how to survive in the wilderness includes dealing with those minuscule critters. Since many insects attack or feed on the skin and blood of our bodies, there are some preventative measures that can be taken. The following are techniques to get rid of some of those pests as well as treatments to deal with the ones that bite you.

Avalanche Beacon Test

When you prepare for your back country snow adventure your Avalanche Beacon needs to be tested. In order to do a good test get your friends and partners together using different beacons. Check Range, antenna and battery terminals. Practice using them and practice some more to be sure you are ready.

How Pepper Sprays Protect You From Bear Attacks

If you love the outdoors and often go hiking in the woods, it is inevitable that at one point or another, you will cross paths with a bear. While these creatures look ridiculously adorable, they can be fierce and are perfectly capable of attacking and killing humans. You can always run for your life, but chances are, the bear will be able to catch up.

Earthquake Kits – Amazing Pre-Made Disaster Kits

There are some inevitable happenings that occur in this world. Some are even beyond the control of human hands. One of these circumstances is earthquakes. You do not know when the grounds will shake. Each and every person is at risk every single time an earthquake happens, most especially because you cannot predict how long and strong it is going to be. Given this, it is always a must to be prepared. You need to be ready for the time that it happens and the time after it does.

The Evolving Power of Stun Guns

Stun guns have evolved from the typical tall black device taking one or more 9 volt batteries to smooth compact devices that can fit in a shirt pocket. These devices are now mostly rechargeable thus eliminating the need for constantly replacing batteries.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane Well in Advance

Many people live in those parts of the world which are frequently hit by hurricanes. This natural phenomenon is known to pose a big threat to your life and property.

Commercial Safety Courses for Industrial Work Environments

Industrial factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and worksites provide millions of jobs around the world. From entry level warehouse workers to management teams and company leaders, millions of people report to jobs that involve some element of risk or danger. If everyone on the job site is properly trained and knows how to handle all equipment and chemicals on site, then accidents can be kept to a minimum.

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