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Warning Signs of Food Riots in America in 2012

When the dollar does collapse, everything that we import (and that is a lot) will suddenly become very expensive, as our dollars will be worth next to nothing in foreign countries. That will immediately impact much of the food on our grocery store shelves that is manufactured abroad. But more importantly, all of the produce that we import will start to become unavailable. The ingredients that we get from foreign suppliers will become unaffordable, driving up the cost of even more food.

Warming Blood Decreases the Risk of Secondary Complications

Warming may be applied when administering a large amount of chilled fluids to a patient in surgery, general, and emergency treatment situations. Blood transfusions pose a certain risk for a rapid decrease of internal body temperature. This procedure involves supplying donated blood to a patient through an intravenous or IV tube.

Blood Warmer: Portability Broadens Possible Equipment Applications

The stored temperature of fluids can cause additional patient complications when large amounts of blood must be administered throughout treatment. Warmers are devices medical professionals use to heat fluids prior to intravenous entry. Any fluid, whether it is a solution or blood, can be heated to prevent a quick drop in core body temperature throughout IV use.

Save a Life With CPR Training

Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a basic skill learned in a few hours of training. CPR is a tool used to help provide life support to victims of heart attacks and respiratory ailments prior to medical professionals arriving on the scene. By making a commitment of only a few hours for a typical class, skills that may save a loved one’s life are gained.

First Aid Enfranchisement

The term ‘first aid’ is becoming more familiar and popular day by day. Sympathy and urge to help are the two qualities that human beings are blessed with compared to animals. Human beings are superior to animals in terms of critical thinking in a difficult situation and decision making.

Emergency Initial Support

First aid is referred to as the emergency treatment provided to a sick or injured individual until a medical expert or health care provider arrives. The thought of first aid came into practice in the 11th century when a lot of soldiers used to get injured in wars.

Disaster Relief Tents Now Readily Available!

On the whole, the market of disaster relief tents show variable trends and is never predictable. A sudden demand of the disaster relief tents clearly reflects people are suffering in some part of the world. Natural catastrophes like flood, earthquake or tsunami can bring a huge turn in the market.

Knowing More About Self Defense

Where did self-defense start? How did it begin? Or who initiated it? These are some of the questions that may have popped in our minds. Well, looking back as to where it really started, the history of self-defense is quite difficult to trace since it is too broad to be pointed down. But we are aware also that even before, from the times of the earliest men, the manner of protecting their selves from any forms of danger has already been practiced and used in their daily lives.

Be Prepared for Driving and Delivery Services in Bad Weather

Winter often brings beautiful scenes that would be worthy of a Christmas card scene. However, driving in these conditions is totally different to driving in the summer months so we take a look at the hazards of winter driving and how to be prepared.

Human Nature in Response to Danger

Whenever we hear about a plane crash or an earthquake we tend to think of the survivors as the lucky ones. Sometimes it is a matter of being across the street that is the difference between life and death. We shake our heads and marvel at how fragile life is.

Miraculous Life Saving Courses

First aid is the act of providing initial emergency care to a person prone to injury till an emergency expertise reaches the area. For performing a first aid procedure one need not be an expert in it. Instead a basic idea on wound cleaning will be more than enough in certain situations.

Learning to Cook After The Apocalypse (Or During Emergencies)

Cooking is a great art that provides culinary delight for many people. However, have you ever thought about what you might cook in an emergency situation? Learning to cook after the apocalypse might be one of the most challenging things you will ever do, as cooking without a burner, conventional oven, or gas grill is something most can only dream of. We’ll touch on what to cook in the wilderness, as well as some methods. If you had some emergency supplies, we’ll show you how to cook those, and what to pack.

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