Stockpile and Hoard These Foods While You Still Can

Be Street Smart – Learn Street Survival Skills

Do you consider yourself to be a street smart person? Could you go into an area you are not familiar with and blend in so you do not attract undo attention to yourself? If not you need to learn some simple skills to be street smart and keep yourself from getting into a situation you would rather avoid.

What To Do Whenever You See Somebody Experiencing A Seizure

Whenever you find an individual experiencing a seizure with convulsions and/or loss a of consciousness, here’s how you are able to assist them. Roll the individual onto their side to prevent choking on any fluids or sick.

Climate Change – Preparation Tips In Case Of Emergency

The earth we are living in has become our enemy along these years. Different news of awful scenarios brought by catastrophic events, sudden disasters and many other terrible incidents – all these are caused by human’s carelessness.

Guidelines In Home Emergency Preparation

No one exactly knows what a home emergency could bring. But the fact that the result would not be as good as what you think, preparation is still the best way to be at least stay safe and sound in case such dilemma occurs.

What To Do When A Hurricane Attacks

Hurricanes are one of the most dreadful catastrophes Mother Nature has. It is very dangerous that it can destroy large infrastructures and it can kill human lives in just a moment.

How Important Is Climate Change Emergency Preparation?

More and more incidents of natural disasters have brought people into an alarm. Different countries with different beliefs and cultures – all have agreed that Mother Nature have reached its fullest. We are totally very demanding that we never notice this earth is in a critical state already.

Emergency Preparation Plan When The School Is Caught On Fire

Fire can happen all of a sudden. It doesn’t choose any place or time. Fire can also happen even in places especially at school with advance fire extinguishers and fire alarming systems.

Guidelines And Emergency Preparations During Volcanic Eruptions

One creation that can really attract people is a volcano. Volcanoes with their drastic yet exquisite appearance have been perfect spots for tourists and travelers.

Preparation Tips Against Volcanic Eruptions

One of the most catastrophic natural disasters is the volcanic eruption. It is very violent in nature and can kill thousands of human and animals’ lives in few hours. It is not just to spread death but it can also annihilate several towns and it can cause changes in the earth’s climate temporarily.

Things You Must Do When Tornado Approaches

Tornado is one of the most devastating catastrophes this nature has. It is very violent that in a very short moment the number of destructed properties and casualties may rise due to its powerful intensity.

How To Be Safe During Typhoon Season

Countries all along ocean bodies commonly experience weather disturbances. The massive accretion of disastrous weather disturbances has brought up many into agony as this natural disaster can possibly killed many human lives.

Important Things To Remember When Flood Approaches

Flooding is a dilemma people are experiencing particularly in places, which are typhoon-prone area. Flood can cause severe destruction like damaging buildings and houses, blocking roads, destroying vegetation and causes a lot of health problems.

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