Why Home Security Should Always Be A Priority!

Technology has given us many amazing things and a residential home security system is one of them. It has allowed the average person the ability to simply, effectively, and quickly install and secure our homes. With many home based businesses, this is not a luxury, rather a necessity.

Want to Survive in the Wilderness? Be Prepared!

Being prepared is the key to surviving out in the wilderness. Make sure you have the right food, first aid and other supplies to be sure you’re ready for anything.

How to Survive Tough Times and Natural Disasters Through Self-Reliance

Realize that you can control your own destiny. You have access to the tools necessary to defend yourself, your family, and your future. Pay close attention to what goes on around you, and start preparing for emergency situations. Ask yourself many questions, and complete the necessary research to find satisfactory answers.

Prepping Essentials

Nearly every day someone will ask me “what is your most important prep?”. This is a trick question. The answer they are seeking is a definitive one wherein I hold up a piece of equipment or a weapon or something I have constructed myself that solves multiple prepping issues and I smile into the camera and say “this whatsamajigger is the only tool YOU need to survive! It filters and purifies water, cuts through lead and produces cheeseburgers on demand!” (That would be really cool to make one though).

Survival Prepping Master Plan

A Survival Prepping Master Plan (PMP) is the guide you set for yourself and/or your family as to what you will do when a situation comes up and what to do next. A proper PMP is all about redundancy in case your first choice fails.

Things You Need To Do To Prepare For A Storm

For people living in areas that have the risk of a storm, hurricane, etc., being cautious about safety is very important. Preparing yourself for such calamities will help you if and when they strike though, needless to say, you can’t stop them from happening.

Prepping For The Whole Family

One aspect of prepping that gets a lot of mention, but not very many in-depth articles or posts, is prepping for the whole family. We see a lot of preppers that prep for themselves and their kids but not many are prepping for extended family, elderly parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents or pets. This oversight can lead to disaster in the event of a major disaster or SHTF event.

How to Choose Emergency Items

Now that the holidays are over, and we have some spare money, my husband and I got out our catalog of emergency preparedness supplies to choose our next items to purchase. We have quite a few supplies, but there are so many items that can make life easier in case of an emergency. The FDA approved IOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablet works by saturating the thyroid with stable iodine so it will block the thyroid’s absorption of cancer-causing iodine released from a nuclear reactor or nuclear bomb.

Three Ways to Survive Tough Economic Times

Prices go up almost weekly, and it is nearly impossible to keep nutritious food on the table. The cost of fresh produce and fruit borders on insanity. Despite all the gloom and doom, there are things families can do to survive tough economic times.

How to Think Like a Prepper or a Survivalist

Fears of an economic collapse, gun control laws, inflation on the rise, and the popularity of the TV show “Doomsday Preppers” all have a lot more people thinking about emergency preparedness these days. Record numbers of people are purchasing supplies and trying to adopt the prepper lifestyle, but in order to really be prepared, you need to first learn to think like a prepper. Learning to think like a prepper or a survivalist involves a lot more than just buying guns and camouflage clothing.

Why Economic Collapse Is Certain and How to Prepare

Many Americans can’t imagine our country going through an economic collapse, even though they realize that our current situation (budget and debt) are totally unsustainable. To put it all into perspective, and give ourselves a cold, hard dose of reality, it is helpful to take the numbers of our national checkbook from the trillions and make them more meaningful so we can wrap our minds around them. If you want to see how likely it is that we will have an economic collapse and start thinking about what you should do to prepare for an economic collapse, then…

How to Stockpile Food on a Budget

It’s unfortunate that so many people become discouraged from storing up extra food, even though they want to prepare for an economic collapse, just because they get intimidated and stop before they start. The fact is that beginning a home food storage program, or “stockpiling food,” is the exact right thing to do as we anticipate an economic collapse. The reason is that an economic collapse will cause disruptions in the supply chain, panic buying of food and other essentials items, skyrocketing inflation and a lot of shortages of daily necessities.

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