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Can You Survive If Disaster Strikes Your Home?

At the very least having the basics for survival on hand will give you a fighting chance should your home be damaged and everything lost and emergency crews have trouble reaching your home. Having emergency food supplies and water tablets, a first aid kit, and way of getting light and some heat will give you a chance to survive just about any disaster. And these survival kits are reasonably price and the food in many of them will last 7 years so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing them.

Protect Your Family In A Disaster

Think about how you and your family will survive until help comes. Even if you think it highly unlikely that disaster will ever strike near you isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? It really doesn’t cost all that much to assemble the gear and the products that will keep your family safe should the unexpected occur. Survival kits are actually quite affordable and will give you most of what you and your family needs to survive including food, water purification tablets, sources of light, and ways to keep warm when the temperatures are cold. All you really need is add a couple of changes of clothes and a few odds and ends to these already made up survival kits and you will be ready to survive most emergencies.

Must Have Survival Products: Prepare For Any Emergency

If a disaster should strike and your home is destroyed and you are forced to survive for several days or a week until help arrives, could you? The truth is most people aren’t but, should be. In today’s world with the constant threat of terrorism, the fury of Mother Nature, and even the shaky economy anything can happen and when it does your survival and that of your family may well depend on just what survival products you have on hand to get you through those first few difficult days until the shock wears off and either help arrives or you can take stock and form a plan for survival on your own.

Preparing For An Emergency And How To Do It!

While you can’t prepare completely for every emergency situation, having the basics can help you and your family survive in most emergency situations until help arrives. When a natural disaster occurs you could be trapped waiting for help for an extended period of time. While rescue crews are dedicated to getting those that need help as quickly as possible they simply can’t be everywhere at one time. You and your family really do need to be prepared to survive at least several days or a week on your own.

Choosing the Best Flashlight for Self-Defense

A commonly overlooked tool for self-defense is the flashlight, but what really goes into getting the right one? This article explains abilities and standards that will help you to choose your next flashlight. Some people might even be a little surprised at what actually makes a good choice.

What to Do Instead of Panicking In A Survival Situation Or Disaster

When disaster strikes, will you know what to do? What you need to do is take a few moments to consider how you are going to avoid the nightmares that can occur, while keeping you and your family safe.

Survival Skills: Theory Behind Why You Survive and Others Do Not

Often, you might have thought about the anomalous expansion of water and how it allows aquatic life to survive. In fact, had the atmosphere not been there, the Sun been a bit nearer, the temperature 10 degrees hotter, and mountains not capped with ice, there won’t be any life on earth. However, in taking the inverse view, you realize that just because these things exist, life also does, otherwise Earth would be another Mercury or Mars.

Surviving A TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) Situation

Are You Ready to Survive? When you are facing a tragedy are you prepared? Chances are you don’t know what to do when Teotwawki comes down; you need to have the basics in mind to ensure that you and your family are prepared.

Create Your Family’s Disaster Plan

Planning for a disaster can save your life and the lives of your family. Having the correct supplies can go a long way to minimize your weakness during a catastrophe. One of the most forgotten aspects is a family disaster plan.

Survival Shelters 101

First we must locate a desirable territory that is sufficient enough for a particular archetype of shelter we want. Nonetheless, you must likewise consider…

Freeze Dried Foods

Freeze dried foods are perfect for any type of emergency. Whether for life threatening emergencies, or when you just need to prepare a quick meal for surprise guests, you will surely have something easy to prepare and to eat on such situations.

How to Live in Peace Unto the Seventh Generation

This article addresses our worries about an uncertain future on planet earth and how to make it both certain and joyful. Included are seven ways to be at peace and create hope. For example, changes we may dread can bring relief to our beleaguered planet.

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