Survival: This is More Important than Gear

How to Survive Natural Disasters

Katrina, Haiti, the tsunamis that hit Japan in 2011 – we’ve all seen the devastation that these natural disasters have wrought. But, if you were stuck in a similar situation, would you know what to do? Would you have all the supplies needed to hold on until help arrives?

7 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Homestead

Are you tired of the rat race? Would you like to start living a simpler life? If so, homesteading may be a good option for you.

5 TOP Reasons You Should Carry a Gun

Nowadays, all you have to do is turn on the news to hear about riots and terrorist attacks on civilians all over the world. The world is seemingly headed for chaos. To survive, you must learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones from harm and one of the best ways to do so is with a gun.

How to Survive a Hostage Situation or Terrorist Attack

It’s no secret that ISIS is gunning for those who live in the West. And when you add the hostage situation in San Bernadino, it’s safe to say that now’s a great time to discuss what you should do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

What Individuals Need to Know About Fire Extinguisher Safety

Portable fire extinguishers are an invaluable resource to help put out fires or suppress them until everyone in the building can escape and the fire department can be called. Having the right extinguisher on hand and securing regular fire extinguisher testing is of the utmost importance. However, many don’t know how to choose which extinguisher will serve their needs best or even how many they should have and other related information to meet safety standards set forth by the government.

Extinguisher Servicing – A Matter of Life and Death

It’s easy to overlook those red, life-saving devices that are placed all throughout a home or business. They may sit there and collect dust, but they shouldn’t. Securing a service plan is one of the most important things a responsible party can do. There are many parts to an extinguisher, and all should be checked when servicing fire extinguishers. Each one plays a crucial role in the correct operation. In order to put a fire out everything must be in perfect working order. Securing a good fire safety company is an important step.

Essential Survival Clothing: What To Wear In a Disaster

While most people tend to concentrate on survival gear that they will have in some kind of bag or shelter, some of the most important survival gear that you can have with you is what you are wearing on your body. This is because not only will it keep you warm and dry, but it will also be cool and comfortable. These factors might seem, on close examination, to be diametrically opposed to each other, but they are not. This is especially true when you consider that when in a survival situation, you probably won’t have the option of picking and choosing the circumstances. This goes for where you are as well as where you want to be.

How to Make Crawfish Traps From Plastic Bottles

You can call them crayfish, crawdads, or mudbugs; crawfish happen to taste great. This is reason enough to get out and catch some craws. You can just use your set of hands, a piece of raw fish head, and an inexpensive trap. Many styles and sizes of traps are employed in trapping crawfish. Making crawfish traps from plastic bottles is an inexpensive, simple, and yet effective way to trap crawfish.

How to Build a Campfire for Cooking

A fire is needed in almost any backpacking, hiking, or camping survival situation. It may seem like a simple task building a campfire, but most people struggle building one. Furthermore, it can be more difficult to build a campfire if you run out of matches. Whether it is a campfire for cooking or for providing heat during cold nights, it is essential that you know the proper way to build a campfire, with or without matches, when camping.

7 Recipes for Campfire Cooking

What would you do if you were ever in a survival situation? Would you know what to do? Would you know how to keep you and your family nourished?

The Shocking Truth About Food Prepping

If you are like a lot of people, you have already responded to much of what you see in the news about being ready for the coming crisis by food prepping. You would need to live in a cave to not notice the signs. The good news in this is that many people have started to stockpile food, but care must be exercised that money isn’t wasted. After all, when you buy one type of food, you have that much less money to buy something else that you might need in an emergency situation.

Six Main Causes of Food Shortages

If the idea of food shortages has only recently gotten your attention, you will probably be interested to know that not only is the problem very real, but it is also here to stay. It seems like all we need to do it buy groceries at any given time to notice one of the most important indicators of food shortages, rising prices. Basic food commodities such as wheat, corn, soybeans and rice have skyrocketed in price since July 2010. Making matters worse, price increases are only expected to continue in the face of food production shortfalls, which will continue year after year since then.

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