The #1 Tool For Your Bug Out Bag

Combat Medical Supplies: Warmer Functionality Determines Usability

Combat environments provide limited time for applying medicinal treatment. Outside factors, such as being under fire, restrict the types of medical attention that can be provided to each injured individual. Supplies are often minimal as to what can be carried by a military staff member or within a vehicle.

Tactical Medical Solutions: Fluid Administration As a Precautionary Stabilization Approach

Battlefield situations require a tactical approach to treatment because many individuals could be injured at once. Several troops could call for medical attention, but on varying levels. Medical providers have to evaluate the situation and come up with solutions as to who needs to be treated first.

Military Medical Supplies: Preventing Hypothermia in Rugged Environments

Military medical devices have to be easy to use and quick to administer. Supplies being used in the battlefield cannot entail wasteful set up or usage time. Injured individuals must receive immediate care to be stabilized for facility transfer.

Military Medical Equipment: Advanced Warming Devices Reduce Treatment Complications

Military personnel have limited time when a fellow soldier is injured in combat. Medical equipment must be quickly applied to make certain an individual can be stabilized for transport. Bullet wounds, explosion injuries, and severe lacerations are common on the battlefield.

EMS IV Fluid Warmers: Dry Heat Prevents Bacterial Complications

Many medical facilities have switched to dry heating methods in EMS and hospital environments. The implementation of water baths were quite common when heating IV fluids; however, the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, recognized bacterial issues with this type of heating. Water bath warmers create a high risk of infection due to reuse after improper cleaning.

Medical IV Fluid Warmers Are No Longer Hospital Bound

Medical devices are more beneficial when they can be moved between rooms or are transportable around outside locations. IV fluids are used in about every medical environment, including specialty and outpatient care. These healthcare services use warmers to offer their patients additional comfort while treatment is being provided.

IV Fluid Warmers for Ambulances Help Responders Supply Safer Emergency Treatment

IV fluids are common to any patient being treated outside of a hospital environment. Warmers may be connected to the intravenous tubing to both increase patient comfort and prevent further medical complications. Ambulance technicians did not always have access to this equipment due to the way it was designed.

Bear Grylls Knife: A Favorite Tool Used in the Wild

The Bear Grylls Knife has been a consistent partner of many people going on camping trips with their families or having a real life adventure. This is a tool you should try if you want to be prepared.

Emergency Water Tank – The Benefits and Uses

Water is like air that can be found everywhere. Liquid can be found in the ocean or sea, lake or river, and other places. It plays an important role in human existence as every animal and human being needs it to survive.

World Survival: Those Who Volunteer and What They Learn

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) consist of volunteers who care about survival in an emergency and are prepared to help neighbors survive, as well. Volunteers understand the concept of training in basic emergency procedures. They know that survival skills protect lives and property.

Emergency Rations: Stockpiling Food

The 1960s brought about a lot of change in the world. People starting challenging decisions more and began thinking more along the line of responsibility to oneself and one’s family, rather than relying on the government.

Survival Foods – Animal Sources That You May Not Have Considered

Most regions of the United States present you with some type of protein that you can use to survive. Sometimes we don’t consider the animals that may be the easier ones to catch, can be less dangerous to us, and will allow us to eat a good meal.

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