The Coming Food Crisis: Prepare While you Can

Invade The Disaster Situation With A Prudent Approach!

The article talks about the role of a service provider in efficiently handling the rescue operations. The plight of the vulnerable people can enhance significantly if the quality of the service provision is poor.

Hurricane Preparation – What to Do

As most know, who live in hurricane prone areas, it is very important to prepare for them way before they make landfall. If not there is very little anyone can do to minimize or prevent widespread damage when a strong Category 3, 4, or 5 hits land. Many think that the damage caused by a hurricane is from their high winds but actually, it is caused by the flooding that accompanies the initial storm. Hurricane preparation is like preparing for a power failure, a major flood, and a tornado all in one.

Avoid Kitchen Fires by Following These Simple Steps to Everyday Prevention

Every year home and business owners are reminded to do regular maintenance on smoke alarms, and secure fire extinguisher servicing via public service messages that are presented during fire prevention month. Sadly, not many individuals take note, and go through the motions.

Preventing Fire in the Home – Educate Every Member

Fire extinguisher inspection – The scary fact is that fires in the home start and spread fast. It’s important for homeowners to be educated on fire safety and practise precautionary measures including fire extinguisher inspection to keep everyone in the home safe and sound. Sitting down for a family learning and planning session can save lives.

How To Start Prepping For The Unexpected

Preppers are people who pride themselves in being prepared for the unexpected. If the economy collapses or a natural disaster hits, these individuals will have stockpiles of food, water and basic essentials to see them through the ensuing hardship. Following are several steps that you need to take if you want to start prepping too.

The Flame Detector: Saving Lives and Properties

Every year, properties worth billions of dollars are consumed by fire resulting in significant financial loss for millions of individuals. The global casualty figures from fire are staggering, estimated by reliable statistics to total to almost 300,000 annually. But despite such alarming figures, the impending threat of fire is often ignored by many. Yet, fire hazards are not just predictable, but even controllable to a large extent.

Government Spying On Its Citizens

A smart grid has its advantages, but one major disadvantage is the visibility it allows for local, state and federal types to monitor your smart grid activity. Here’s how this happens. First keep in mind for the smart grid to be smart it has to access the internet.

Smart Grid Report

This Smart Grid Report looks at the pros and cons of a smart grid system. Specifically, potential security issues that could affect you and how the enormous costs of building a smart grid are often transferred to the end user are reviewed.

Why People Survive Disasters

Surviving an emergency is not as much about luck as some might think. This article discusses simple steps to increasing your odds of making it through a “very bad day” in one piece and alive.

Cyber Attack on the Power Grid

The power grid in the United States is very vulnerable. Using a dramatic yet realistic scenario, this article highlights these weaknesses and potential implications to every day life.

Should I Own A Gun?

Gun ownership should never be taken lightly. The author explains why he does not own a gun, even tough he’s a gun advocate. A very valuable non-gun protection option is also briefly touched on.

What Is An EMP?

EMP stands for Elecromagnetic Pulse and it’s not as unlikely as you may think. A little awareness about the implications of an EMP and some preparation in advance may make a world of difference to you and your loved ones… maybe even save lives.

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