This Stuff is Incredible: Put it in Your Survival Kit

Storm Damage: Tips to Making It Through a Storm

We have been having some major storms lately. Tornadoes, hurricanes and torrential rains have been wreaking havoc throughout the United States. It is important to be as prepared as possible if a storm is coming your way.

Emergency Planning for a Tornado – What You Need to Know

In the face of extreme weather, you should have an emergency plan in place. Knowing what to do during a storm can potentially save your life.

Questions and Answers About Special Forces Gear

If you have questions about special forces gear, your answers are here. This type of equipment has many different uses, something that leads people to have a lot of questions about it. Some of the most common have been compiled below so that you can be fully educated on the subject if you are interested in it.

Earthquakes, Tornados, Floods, Terrorist Attacks – Are You Prepared?

When we think emergency, we generally think that an emergency room would be the place to go to get help. With a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, an emergency room may even be the LAST place you want to visit. It will be utter chaos and supplies will be quickly diminished. It is best to leave the ERs for those with life-threatening conditions. (If you feel that you or your loved one does have a life threatening condition, by all means, do go.) But for those of us with no or minimal injuries, having a good disaster preparedness kit and a plan is the best answer to maintaining health and safety until further assistance arrives. Read on to learn how to be prepared.

Legal Self Defense Products

This is a review of physical self defense products that are legal and illegal in the US, with a description of how each of the self defense products can be used in a given situation. There are many arguments for and against the use of these self defense products, but the majority will say that prevention is better than cure. No one should need these products in the first place.

Earthquakes Preparedness – How To Cope In Emergencies

An earthquake is one of the most devastating of all natural disasters. It can destroy buildings, cities and lives in a matter of seconds and create long term difficulties for the people in the area. Anyone who lives in an earthquake prone country must be always be prepared for such a crisis. Educate yourself and your family on how to protect yourselves during the quake and have a plan in place for the difficult time afterwards. Earthquakes preparedness will ensure the security of your loved ones and give you the best chance of survival.

Emergency Preparedness Is A Plan For Survival

Emergency preparedness is something we should all plan for regardless of where we live. Recent events have destroyed major metropolitan areas and are excellent examples of the need for an emergency kit. Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes are the most devastating events caused by the wrath of Mother Nature. Just a few beneficial supplies can mean surviving these events.

Massive Japanese Quake Turns Out to Have Put More Pressure on Neighboring Faults Not Less

Generally speaking when a bigearthquake comes along most people assume that it has relieved pressure that was built up and they are much safer moving forward into the future with all that pressure gone. Well, that isn’t always the case and that conventional wisdom as sound as it usually is, doesn’t always hold true. Take the recent 9.0 or 9.2 (depending on whose figures you use) Mega Earthquake in Japan.

What to Expect When Being Treated in an Ambulance

Most of us at some point will end up being treated in an ambulance or accompanying a friend or family member. Here’s a few pointers on what to expect when you’re being treated in an ambulance.

Pre-Heated Warning Sequence May Help Us Predict Major Earthquakes

Major Earthquakes and Pre-Heated Warning Sequence May Help Us Predict Over the years there have been reports of strange weather prior to Earth Quakes, and much has been called nothing more than part of the the post traumatic mental fatigue which goes along with such black swan major Earthquake events. There have been claims of blue, green, pink, and other colors on the horizon near sun set, and other totally baffling and strange anomalies and phenomena. Most folks chocked it off to crazy people.

A Witch Hunt for Scientists – What is the World Coming Too?

Although it could happen in any country in the world in any time period, it seems that it’s been happening in this part of the world quite often in the last 1000 or so years. It appears that science is under fire in Italy. Currently scientists don’t know all they need to know about what makes the earth shake, but they do know one thing for sure; it’s not the gods, or a God who is doing it.

How to Prepare For Bad Weather in Your House

If you live or are thinking about living in an area that has a history of bad weather, then you will have concerns about tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, snowstorms etc. You may be wondering what to do when severe weather strikes.

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