Top 10 items for your Bug out bag / Every day carry bag

Walking Sticks,The Ultimate Survival Multi-Tool

There are a lot of important Survival Tools to have with you in the woods. One of the most important is the simple walking stick!

Should Flood Zones Have Mandatory Raised Highways In and Out?

If you’ve ever driven through Louisiana you will notice that they have raised highways, raised roads, and in many places raised bike lanes too. The railroad tracks are also raised. When you drive along the freeway you are constantly looking down. It’s obvious why this is, it’s because it is a perpetual flood zone. Indeed, almost all of Louisiana is. Therefore, when the water level rises and starts flooding, people have a way to get out, and go to higher ground, even if that higher ground is just a long thin strip.

Get Free Doomsday Preppers Training for Disasters

Want to learn more about how you can prepare yourself and family for a disaster? The government is offering free hands-on training on disaster management taught by emergency response professionals in your community.

Main Procedures You Learn In an Outdoors First Aid Course

If you are a mountaineer, hiker, athlete, oil rig / construction site worker or even simply an outdoors loving person, undergoing an outdoor first aid course can turn out to be extremely useful in times of medical emergencies. Such courses are specifically designed for handling outdoor emergencies and the Red Cross website, particularly, features many such specialized courses on cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or external defibrillation training. In fact, such is the importance of first aid courses for outdoor emergencies that it has now become mandatory by law for construction and oil companies to train their employees on such procedures…

Prep for Doomsday

When the world takes a turn for the worst, it is important to identify ways to prep for doomsday in order to make the most of a difficult situation. A preppers list is one of these mandatory survival items in order to survive the apocalypse.

Ghana Life: Vengeance of the High Priest

Komfo Anokye is revered in Ashanti, Ghana, as the fetish high priest who is reputed to have brought the golden stool down from the sky for his famous king, the great Asantehene, Osei Tutu. When, in the 1960s, they built a large modern hospital in Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti, they named it after Komfo Anokye and put his statue in the centre of a traffic circle nearby. It was an unfortunate juxtaposition: the fetish priest would not have been happy to see the former adherents to his healing power: invoking the intervention of the spirits of the forest and the ancestors, turning to an alien system administering chemical substances to suppress the symptoms of disease. To many who sought emergency treatment at the hospital in the 1970s it must have seemed that Komfo Anokye was wreaking his revenge.

Emergency Preparedness, Making Your Plan

A family should prepare themselves for a disaster as soon as possible. Being prepared could be the thing that keeps everyone safe in the worst of situations. When a disaster strikes, most people’s first instinct is to panic. However, the key to surviving any type of disaster is to prepare for it beforehand…

San Onofre California and the Nuclear Power Plant There – Is It Safe to Live Nearby?

San Onofre, CA is growing up these days. It was for the longest time a sleepy surfing and beach town. It was even mentioned in a famous Beach Boys song “Surfing USA” and it is also adjacent to an old nuclear power plant. Okay so, that seemed to pique your curiosity didn’t it? Is it safe to live near there?

What Are The Chances of a Nuclear Accident In the US Like the One Which Occurred in Japan?

Not long ago, I was discussing the safety of nuclear power plants on the West Coast. I live in California, so it is something that our think tank does take seriously here, as they do in other parts of the nation. Recently, there was a steam release and a pump failure, thus a shut-down in reactor one at Three-Mile Island. Of course, some folks get alarmed rather easily, and in this case the system did exactly what it was supposed to do, thus, safety features did work, and well. Still, each time something like that is blasted in the media – people get a little nervous.

Personalize Your Bug Out Bag

At any conversation on bug out bags we frequently find everyone has an opinion. You are likely to get some very interesting discussions on just what should be included in such kits. If you have twenty people in the discussion chances are you will have twenty different opinions. So the question remains as to what factors determine what should be included in ones bug out bag.

Emergency Preparedness, Is America Prepared?

Let’s talk about Emergency Preparedness! Are you prepared? Do you have an emergency plan? 52% of Americans do not have an emergency preparedness plan!

7 Guidelines to First Aid Course Certification

Various types of First Aid course certifications are available and these depend wholly on the degree and type of certification one prefers to get. Here’s a comprehensive guide to such courses: 1) A certification can even come for free or at minimum cost if you opt for a basic course. Even advanced courses aren’t that prohibitively expensive and would probably cost around $50 to $100 at best depending of course, on the advanced degree of the course.

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