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Fire Extinguisher Training and Subjects Covered

Fire extinguisher training in the UK is a legal requirement in the which is enforced under the Fire Safety Order 2005. Further more this order is additionally enforced by the UK fire service and calls for at least one individual to develop into the “responsible person” for the safety of all the other employees and the premises encase of a fire.

The Thriver and the Thribe

What is a thriver? How does one become a thriver? Questions like these are hard to ignore considering the mounting fears in our economy, nature and the instability of our government.

Rules For Staying Safe in A World of Riots, Flash Mobs and Free-For-Alls

Contrary to what is shown on TV and reported in the popular press, riots and mobs are not free-for-alls. They are living breathing organisms that arise, grow and can endanger anyone accidentally caught up in them. Knowing certain rules based on an understanding of mob behavior can help keep you and your family safe.

Emergency Food Storage List for Survival in Tough Times

If you haven’t started to compile an emergency food storage list, you should begin immediately. If you need to ask why, you simply aren’t watching the news.

Survival Food Storage: Take Action Now

Gas prices are climbing, unemployment is surging, and tempers are flaring at grocery store checkouts. These are some very good indicators that survival food storage needs to become an immediate priority.

Making the Best of Wholesale Dehydrated Food

Anybody interested in emergency preparedness will take advantage of the opportunity to buy wholesale dehydrated food, since buying storage food in bulk is the most economical way to build up a large supply. To determine what quantities of wholesale dehydrated food to buy, it’s important to organize a food storage plan for dealing with emergencies of varying levels of severity. Begin with a two-week plan for you and your family.

Building Your One Year Food Storage Plan

In the times confronting us, household security will require a one year food storage plan. Developing an emergency two-week supply is a good start, but it’s not enough. In the event of a sudden crisis, a fourteen-day supply will get a family through the worst until help can be found. But nothing can replace the in-depth security provided by a one year food storage program.

Inexpensive Camping Foods

When most people think of camping foods, their senses often summon memories of s’mores, hot dogs, marshmallows, and other edible but not terribly healthy staples of Summer Camp, Boy Scout outings, and family expeditions. All of those camping foods have a place in our hearts (or stomachs) and memories, and some of them are suitable to any occasion.

Underground Shelters Can Be Cheap and Very Useful

Have you given much thought to Fukushima? I did the math a while ago on how many picocuries per liter of I_131 showed up in the Boise rain water. By my math the 16 days that radiation was present exposed people to as much as 27k years of radioactivity.*

Workforce Training in Basic Life Support

June is National CPR & AED Awareness month, so now is the perfect time to ensure your employees are educated in basic life support. Many companies have devoted time and resources to educating their employees about how they can be the true first responders. A company’s employees are always its most valuable resources, and losing any team member can affect the company, and just in terms of productivity, emotional damage will be done as well.

EMS Supplies Benefit Multiple Types of Health Care Services

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) equipment today is not limited to common medical environments. In particular, intravenous (IV) warmers were at one time only applicable within a hospital. Increased technology developments widened their application to first response vehicles such as ambulances and flight services.

EMS Products: Widening the Application of Vital Medical Equipment

The implementation of advanced equipment has allowed Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers to be more efficient and provide better care during critical situations. Many products have been created to assist these professionals in their job as medical providers. When an emergency occurs, responders must have reliable equipment.

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