Wayback Wilderness at Blade Show 40

Let’s Can Some Homemade Sausage

Think back for a moment to your days as a child growing up on the family farm. Everything you ate seemed to be the freshest of foods from the vegetables that were placed on your plate to the meats that you cooked on the grill. It is hard these days to duplicate those same flavors in the foods we get from today’s supermarkets.

Is Your Bug Out Vehicle EMP PROOF?

I have previously written articles which deal with EMP and the affect upon ones bug out vehicle. Yes folks, I am doing so once again. I spent the last few days researching additional information on this issue and have several more points to bring up to my readers.

Lessons From South Korea

In view of the recent escalation of hostilities involving North and South Korea the South Korean President announced that their nation’s survival hinged greatly upon the need for the people to stand firmly together. He stated that their very lives depended upon national unity and urged his countrymen to unit as one.

What to Do in Cases of House Fires

A fire in your home, is something that you would just not wish for or even dream that it will happen. Imagine loosing all your belongings and home to fire. This is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

Get Out Here Alive: Top 10 Survival Shelter Supplies

Once a disaster strikes an urban center such as a town or city, there are several supplies that would help you live through an emergency. These are related to emergency food rations, water, lights, radios, first aid, sanitation, search & rescue, terrorism, pets, and books.

Going on a Cruise You Better Know How to Cook SPAM

Several times now I have picked up the newspaper or switched on the evening news station only to discover that one of those huge luxury cruise ships had developed mechanical problems. In one case recently the Carnival Splendor ship had developed a fire within its engine room could not continue the trip on its own. Without power the huge ship had to be towed to a nearby port.

Critical Needs for Our Food Supply

Let’s think for a moment just how fragile our food supply logistics really is. We have our local grocery stores which usually receive their stock from a master chain distributor. Generally the grocery store does not stock more then a week’s supply of food at any one time. Usually that amount is reduced to 72 hours worth of food being on the shelves at any moment. They frequently will re-stock their shelves as the supplies arrive meaning they have no spare cases in the back waiting to be put on the shelves.

Get Ready Now

For several years now I have stressed how important it is for us to store up food for upcoming emergencies. Although it might at first appear that we are unable to prepare for each and every emergency situation we must at least try to be prepared.

The Personal RV Bug Out Bus

We have some friends who own and operate school buses and with the current high operating cost she has seriously considered stopping her bus service. As she mentioned this to me I recalled someone who had recently brought to my attention that perhaps a bus would be a much better BOV then most vehicles. The logic presented in converting an older school bus for this essential purpose is as follows.

On Winning the Guerrilla Warfare

A lot of the information contained in this article originated from a friend of mine in South America who attended a CIA sponsored class in Guerrilla Warfare. It is no secret that guerrilla warfare is essentially a battle of politics.

City Survival Techniques – Are You Prepared to Survive All That Can Go Wrong In Your City? Find Out

Are you one of the smart people out there who realize that knowing city survival techniques could save your life? It’s especially important in these turbulent times. When you live in a big city, knowing proper city survival techniques will very likely someday become necessary.

Prepare for Emergency Situations – The Sooner The Better

There is nothing anyone can do when disasters strike. We have made great progress in forecasting when and where a weather disaster might strike, but they are not the only type of disaster. There are house fires, accidents and health disasters that people are forced to deal with everyday.

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