You Need To Hear This “Prepare Yourself, They Tried Keeping It Hidden”

Military Survival Kits: Wouldn’t You Like To Build Your Own?

Why are military survival kits important? Because lives depend on them every day.

Army Survival Kits: Would You Like To Learn From A Ranger?

The best survival kits are not cheap, feel good products. They are real, and solve a real problem.

Survival Navigation: Can You Find Your Way Without A GPS Or Compass?

Dump your GPS. Electronic navigation aids are wonderful devices.

Survival Kits: 7 Simple Items Increase Your Earthquake Survival Chances

Earthquakes can cause mammoth damage to anything it encounters. For instance, imagine being fast asleep at 2am.

Survival Firemaking: 2 Items of Gear To Give You The Most Foolproof Fire Starting Method Yet

Is Wetfire tinder important? Well, consider these scenarios if you want excellent fire starting gear.

Natural Disaster Survival Kit: 3 Key Questions You Must Ask

In college I lived in Tornado Alley. Now I live in the mid-Atlantic area where hurricanes come every summer.

Waxed Jute Fatwood Matches: An Unbeatable Combination

A waxed jute fatwood match is a natural alternative to the BIC lighter. It’s more effective than using a bow drill.

Wetfire Tinder: Should You Include This In Your Firemaking Kit?

Are you a fire making noob? When you start a campfire, do you hold a match to a 3 inch thick branch and hope it catches fire?

The Best Survival Kit Fire Starting Tool

Have you ever tried to start a fire under water? A few weeks ago I was trying to get a fire started in the rain.

The Lowly Peanut Lighter: The Smallest And Lightest Firestarter Yet

What is a Peanut Lighter? A peanut lighter is a small waterproof lighter that you can buy for under $5.

Starting A Fire Using Only Green Limbs: Here’s How It’s Done

Imagine bugging out and it’s time to setup camp for the evening. Of course the shelter is going up first.

Magnesium Firesteel Minitoggles: The New Way To Start A Fire

Imagine this scenario. You have started a day hike in the national park.

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